2019 Player Sponsorships Launched

Canterbury Football Club is excited to announce that Player Sponsorships are now available for the 2019 season.

Player sponsorships are a core tenant of any successful community sports club. They bring in vital funds that are reinvested fully into the Club whilst offering unique perks to each Player Sponsor.

We are pleased to launch a new premium tier that includes a ticket to the 2019 CFC Sportsbet Business Lunch. Alistair Clarkson (Hawthorn Senior Coach) will be a guest speak at the Sportsbet Business Lunch to be held at the MCC on Friday, July 19.

You can review features of the specific sponsorship packages and purchase a package on this website (/Player-Sponsorship).

Please reach out to Tim Nichols (Sponsorship Liaison – thnichols1@gmail.com) should you want to purchase a membership but do not have a specific player in mind. Tim will support you in finding a player.

Onwards and upwards.