2019 Rd 10 W Yarra OC | M Parkside | 3 MHSOB



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 1.4-10 1.4-10 2.5-17
Yarra Old Grammarians 0.0 0.2-2 1.2-8 1.3-9

Goal Kickers: M. Guerin, J. Harvey
Best Players: J. Sommerfield, L. Rinaldi, R. Dodds, B. Lawson, E. Mcskimming, L. Nunn

Starting out kicking towards the tennis club end, CFCW fought out a tough first quarter in the rain on a very soft track against top of the ladder flag favourites, Old Yarra Grammarians. 

With neither team scoring in the first, the women charged into the second quarter with a thirst for scoring opportunities, working hard across the ground to defend against Old Yarra’s physical brand of football.
A brilliant non-preferred goal by M. Guerin from 30 out while under pressure roused serious excitement from the team who rushed to get around the young utility who has proved herself in a number of positions across the season so far.
Up by 8 points at half time, the team reset and prepared for a tough second half of the game.
Old Yarra were quick to get a major on the board in the third after being awarded a 50m penalty, bringing the margin back to a slim 2 points heading into the fourth.

With a win within grasp, CFCW doubled down in the last quarter, fighting hard to hold off Old Yarra who surged home. A late goal by J. Harvey sealed the deal for the home side, allowing the underdogs to take out a win against the ladder leader.

A. Milne and R. Rogasch fought hard through the middle with R. Azzopardi and J. Harvey feeding off a dominant L. Rinaldi. A. Miller was her usual cool and calm self flanked by L. Nunn and R. Dodds, locking things down in defence. P. Simon asserted herself in the back half in dominating display of David vs Goliath size mis-matches, not losing a single contest all day.

J. Sommerfield came clutch in the third, stamping her authority on the game with a number of tackles best described as bone rattling.

E. McSkimming played out of her skin, dominating through the middle in the second half of the game, adding considerable grunt to the midfield engine and some English flair to proceedings.

All players are congratulated on the surprise win in very tough conditions against very good opposition.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 2.1-13 2.3-15 2.6-18
Yarra Old Grammarians 2.0-12 3.1-19 3.2-20 3.2-20
Goal Kickers: M. Spillane, G. Callaghan
Best Players: G. Hogan, B. Montibeller , T. Andrews, G. Callaghan, P. Crundall, T. Fitzgibbon





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Parkside Football Club 3.4-22 3.5-23 5.8-38 8.10-58
Canterbury Football Club 2.0-12 3.5-23 8.5-53 11.7-73
Goal Kickers: C. Woods 4, N. Hicks 4, L. Shearer, T. Lowden, R. Hawke
Best Players: C. Woods, T. O”Brien, T. Lowden, M. Wheeler, N. Hicks, M. Astbury

Round 10 saw the mighty Cobras travel out to Pitcher Park to take on Parkside for the second time this year. Our first encounter with the Devils finished in a nail biter with a four point win to the Cobras at the Snake Pit, so even though ladder position shows the Devils to be 7th, we knew we’d have a battle on our hands on their home deck to walk away with four points. Late changes were required as Showbags Moloney, Matty Cameron and Bucky all withdrew due to varying injury and man flu, with Jordan Tomas, Bob Hawke and Pat Gill filling the void.

The first quarter was all Parkside as we struggled to get out of first gear. Timmy O was giving our midfielders first crack at it and we were well on top in the clearances but we were letting ourselves down in almost every other area. Parkside let us off the hook missing some very getable chances to lead by 10 points at quarter time, although it could of easily been 4 goals.

The second quarter saw us respond after a stern address from Doaky, and we started to wrestle back some momentum and start to play a bit more of our natural game, even if it would not necessarily convert on the scoreboard. We managed to restrict the Devils to one point for the quarter while we kicked 1.5 to go into the main break all square.

The mood in the rooms at half time was focused, and the third quarter saw the Cobras come out full of venom. Goals to Hawke, Woods and Hicks saw the momentum shift on the back of a lift from our midfield group and big Timmy O really giving us a different look in the ruck, and some impressive transition from defense to attack. A 5 goal to 2 quarter would see us go into the final break with a 15 point advantage, yet with only 1 fit player on the bench the boys would really need to gut run this one out to get the choccies.

The final term again showed that when we play our brand of footy we get the rewards. Shearer kicked a beauty out of some congestion and half way through the last it looked like the Cobs were going to kick away, leading by as much as 31 points before Parkside kicked a couple of late goals, yet with Tommy Louden floating back to take a few crucial marks in his 100th game to steady the ship, and the boys really digging deep finishing the game with no rotations on the bench, the final siren saw the Cobras take a 15 point win.

Woods and Hicks were huge with 4 goals a piece, Cheesy Wheeler again provided plenty at CHF and chopping out in the ruck, while Marty Astbury worked his way into the game to play a really important role in the second half at full back. Special mention to Tommy Louden in his 100th game, who was crucial in his second game back.

The win see’s us consolidate third on the ladder and hold our 2 game advantage over Westbourne. Next week we return back to the Snake Pit to take on Richmond Central in what is again another massive game of football as we look to cement our spot in the top four.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Parkside Football Club 0.3-3 2.5-17 5.6-36 8.6-54
Canterbury Football Club 3.3-21 3.9-27 6.12-48 9.15-69
Goal Kickers: T. Sugumar 4, R. Karasz 2, R. Hobson, J. Mreulje, J. Murphy
Best Players: R. Hobson, T. Sugumar, E. Lowden, D. Sharp, J. Murphy, A. Turnbull


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
MHSOB 3.5-23 6.8-44 10.11-71 15.16-106
Canterbury Football Club 2.3-15 4.6-30 5.7-37 6.8-44
Goal Kickers: J. Carter 3, T. Corrigan 2, D. Bullock
Best Players: J. Mcnee, W. Moschetti, J. Carter, B. Cullen, D. Bullock, R. Burton


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