Father Figure Bruce Latimer Snr

Bruce Latimer Snr & Jnr holding the club’s 1991 premiership cup.

Bruce Latimer

Spider (Bruce Jnr) was captain and he was a wonderful player for the club over many years. His father Bruce was a man who made a huge contribution to the club.

Bruce Snr started at the club around the late 1940s when he was working for Canterbury FC & CC star, Stan Self. Stan encouraged the young Bruce to come down to the club, and Bruce described how the club changed his life as a young man with the quality of people at the club.

Bruce brought up his family and again returned to the club when it hit a low point in 1975, after all its stars retired in a short time after the 72 flag, runners-up in 73, then crashing in 74. This club which had been a powerhouse, took the field for the first game of 1975, only with mainly a Dad’s Army of former players, taking the field many dressed in Jack Dyer style shorts, high cut boots, lace up jumpers from the 40s & 50s and some in trousers. Bruce was one of those men who took the field, to play to keep their beloved club going, and went on to be a leader at the club and then president.

Bruce Latimer
Nick Szabo receiving his jumper off Bruce Latimer junior. 9 May 2015

Bruce was president of the club during the famous centenary year of 1981, when the club lost the Grand final by less than a goal. Canterbury was back as a strong team, and Bruce brought professionalism at every level to Canterbury FC, and was a father figure loved by all at the club. One of the great presidents of this club.

Bruce passed away in 2015, and it is fitting for his nomination as president of the Legends team, as his son Bruce Jnr and grandson Simon Beardall also wore the colours with pride.