Rohan Walmsley

5 x B&F Rohan “Wombat” Walmsley

Ahead of our games this week we look at the career of another of our club greats. Rohan “Wombat” Walmsley who has five club Best & Fairest’s to his name. A feat only bettered in 136 years by ex Tiger and Hawk Stan Ogden.

James Nicolas – “Wombat is as good as any midfielder I have seen at the club.I have not seen one better. Able to get his own ball, he is also a wonderful finisher and tough as nails.He is “a good driver in heavy traffic.” When he gets that stare in his eyes, look out. Wombat has always been able to push forward take a strong grab and is an excellent set shot for goal. Continue reading “5 x B&F Rohan “Wombat” Walmsley”