Multiple Premiership winner Keith James

The man holding the football from our 1969 premiership team photo is Keith James, the latest champion from our club shortlisted for the Legends team.

The signing of Keith James in 1967 as captain-coach was a huge coup for the Canterbury FC. James had been leading goal kicker for VFA club Williamstown for 4 years under the coaching of “The Monster” Callaghan. Keith James brought along his mate Laurie “Dick” Reynolds who was a star ruckman, meaning the club which had been wooden spooners in 1966, one of the few times the club ever finished near the bottom in that era, immediately made an impact.

27173369_293977221130310_1725371189925832228_oKeith who played at Full forward and Centre Half forward was known for his big marking, goal kicking ability and strong arm play. James ragged dolled many backmen in his time. Keith was also highly regarded for his coaching where as a man who liked his books & history, would often quote inspirational passages from history to his players in big games.

Keith famously lead the club to its 1969 1st Division premiership. The club’s first since 1956. He also played a key role as a player in the club’s 1972 premiership win. Keith kicked 7 goals in that game. A huge output in a Grand Final. A big game player.

Keith James has continued to be a loyal supporter of the club being a regular attendee at Past Player Reunions.