Rd 11 Women – Hawthorn | Rd 12 Men – Manningham


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Hawthorn AFC 3.2-20 6.6-42 10.9-69 11.12-78
Canterbury Football Club 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.2-8 2.2-14
Goal Kickers: N. Schiller, M. Spillane
Best Players: N. Schiller, P. Simon, L. Rinaldi, A. Payne, S. Giles, K. Bulluss

With a rare opportunity for all three teams to play on the hallowed Snake Pit on the same day, the women’s squad broke the ice off the pitch at 9.20 to take on neighbourhood rival and reigning premiers Hawthorn.

A ferocious Hawthorn worked hard early on in the first quarter, opening up a 3 goal lead going into the first break.

A similar effort in the second quarter extended that lead out to 6 goals with CFCW struggling to make it out of a very efficient wall Hawthorn had set up around their forward half.

With a re-set at half time, the Cobras were able to get on the board early with a goal through Mary Spillane. Hawthorn again proved to be fierce opponents, stacking on a further 4 goals to take the lead out to 61 points going into the final quarter.

A hard fought last quarter saw both teams kick a goal a piece. CFCW’s getting one through off Natasha Schiller’s boot.

Overall, a tough day against skilled opponents who displayed unrelenting pressure and intensity around the ball.

Best on ground Natasha Schiller displayed brilliant aerial work, with Loz Rinaldi and Ange Payne working strongly at ground level.

Head Coach,
Domma Luc




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.1-13 3.2-20 5.7-37 7.9-51
Manningham Cobras AFC 0.3-3 4.10-34 5.12-42 12.14-86
Goal Kickers: J. Dear 4, R. Murray 3
Best Players: J. Dear, B. Lashbrook, R. Murray, A. Pellin, D. Mioni, N. Stogdale




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.4-16 4.13-37 4.17-41 8.19-67
Manningham Cobras AFC 5.5-35 9.7-61 13.10-88 16.14-110

Goal Kickers: S. Murphy 3, A. Wheeler, M. Astbury, C. Skate, A. Martenstyn, R. Murray
Best Players: S. Hanrahan, S. Murphy, A. Wheeler, H. Berenger, G. Driscoll, J. Mreulje

With the second bye for the year looming, it was the return leg for the Cobra cup against Manningham. This week would feature our very first triple header with all sides playing on the hallowed turf. Mother nature kept the drizzle away but some blustery conditions would favour the tennis club end.

Losing Batman in the warmup with a string twinge wasn’t the ideal start to proceedings and once again the MUZZ BUZZ would go back to back senior and reserve games. In the opening quarter Manningham got off to a quick start and put away five early goals, albeit with the aid of the breeze. We had our fair share of the play but just couldn’t capitalise only putting on two majors ourselves.

The second term was pretty much Canterbury’s way however wastefulness would see us turn eleven scoring shots into two goals and Manningham would open up a four goal halftime lead. Our ball movement was so far the best for some weeks. The willingness to attack through the corridor and switch from defence was at a level that if we could sustain it for the rest of the game the result may swing.

After the main break things seemed promising but Manningham’s midfield brigade had the rub of the green. Although the usual suspects for Canterbury, Bull, Wheels and Murph were workman like in effort we just couldn’t open the game up to score. A disappointing zero goals to four would now have the visitors right on top and it would be a monumental effort to return from the position we ha found ourselves in.

With nothing to lose and encouragement to keep the system in place, we had to see if we could fight back. It was our best quarter for the day on the scoreboard snagging four goals to three, bringing the final margin to forty three points. I guess I can only liken our football at the moment to golf. Most days you will either, putt well, drive well or hit you irons crisp. Very rarely do all three come together. But when they do, look out. It would appear that getting the aspects of ball movement, physicality and scoring accuracy to happen in the same game is hard to do. But we have proved that when we get it all together the result is quality, entertaining and successful footy. A bitter pill to swallow but I think we all learned a truck load for this game. Get down Thursday for a catered dinner and some fun on the paddock.


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