Rd 17 Men – Swinburne


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Swinburne University AFC 4.3-27 10.8-68 15.12-102 17.14-116
Canterbury Football Club 2.4-16 4.6-30 4.8-32 12.12-84

Goal Kickers: R. Murray 5, J. Dear 2, C. Skate, J. Tomas, S. Murphy, R. Walmsley, A. Wheeler
Best Players: A. Wheeler, R. Walmsley, R. Murray, J. Dear, S. Hanrahan, R. Goodwin

Taking on Swinburne away would be everything on the line for both clubs. A win would be right in the mix for top four and the loser would have a mighty task to get in.

 With a strong side selected and a good week on the track things seemed in our control. We started the first on the back foot however. It wasn’t diabolical but just couldn’t seem to get the run of play. We were having to work hard for possession and turning into scoring opportunities. Managing two goals we were down by 12 points at quarter time.

The start of the second was promising with the first to the Cobras but after that it seemed all one way traffic. The Razorbacks were switching and using the outside play to their advantage slotting six goals to two and opening up a thirty eight point gap at the main break.

We were hoping a spell to reset would get the troops together and compose for a third quarter comeback. It would appear that nothing would work. It seemed like a host of little moments would translate into not having any control whatsoever. Swinburne piled on another four unanswered goals. Their lead was seventy points at three quarter time.

A serious fightback was required to get some respect back. Some positional adjustments made and asked to play with freedom the boys seemed to lift. We kicked the first three of the last and the door was slightly ajar. Only a scrappy dribbler was to halt our momentum. Things seemed ok for a short while and kicking the next four we had a fair share of the ball. A final goal to Swinburne put the any challenge to rest. Thirty two points being the damage at the final siren.

A strange old day to be honest, and just one of those days. Such cliché, but if you’re off by a little bit it’s hard to get in the game. Everything to play for this week against the top side Glen Eira. A final home fixture I’m sure everyone will be up for the fight. If not it may mean no tomorrow and looking at what the 2019 season will bring. I hope not. See you at the pit.








Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Swinburne University AFC 2.0-12 6.6-42 8.12-60 17.15-117
Canterbury Football Club 1.1-7 1.3-9 1.4-10 1.5-11

Goal Kickers: S. Woodward
Best Players: D. Sharp, L. Hodgson, M. Cameron, A. Martenstyn, A. Panjwani, J. Collins


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