2019 Rd 1 W Brunswick – M Aquinas



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1-1
Brunswick Renegades 2.6-18 5.10-40 7.15-57 8.19-67

Best Players: E. Harris, E. Hall, A. Miller, L. McMullin, R. Dodds, A. Payne

Following on from a very strong performance on field by the CFCW Reserves, the Senior side took to the field together for the first time.

Some initial forward entries in the first quarter looked promising, but the team failed to capitalise on them with any score.

Brunswick quickly rested control of the game, and didn’t let go, locking the ball in their forward half.

Brunswick had several visibly strong bodied players who dominated the contest with their physical superiority and strength.

Some solid rucking by N. Schiller and G. Callaghan proved helpful through the middle in the second half, with L. McMullin and A. Payne working on the inside to generate some attack. Several forward entries late the game looked dangerous, but non materialised into goals.

With more than half of the players being new to the club, and many completely new to football, it was a gallant effort across four quarters against a much more experienced and strong side.

The four quarters of effort are to be seen as a solid sign of progress as the team begins to gain experience together.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 2.4-16 2.7-19 2.7-19
Brunswick Renegades 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2-2

Goal Kickers: B. Kroyherr, M. McCrum
Best Players: B. Lawson, C. Highfield, M. McCrum, E. Pittonet, T. Hall, R. Manpotra

The day started off with a level of excitement around the rooms, with many of the team eager to partake in their first game of football.

After a some frantic preparation the players ran onto the ground, facing an ominous opponent in Brunswick. It was hard not to notice the size of the opposition as the warmed up at the far end of the ground but this did not deter many.

Exiting the rooms with simple instructions to “play like hell” the team got a dream start. Two quick goals from Bea Kroyherr and Maddy McCrum put the team in strong position early on and the brutal pressure of the entire of the CanterburyW had Brunswick on the back foot early!

Coming into the second the layers were encouraged to keep to foot on the gas and continue with the manic pressure and tackling that left Brunswick reeling after the first. That they did. Tackle after tackle was laid with our opponents not being able to gain an inch or territory and that is the way it remained for much of the day.

Like bees to a honey pot our women swarmed the opposition laying multiple group tackles and ensuring that Brunswick remained scoreless for much of the game and goalless for the entirety.

In the last 10 minutes of the last quarter our backline had everything thrown at it, but they held strong, spoiling, tackling and not giving up, the situation was manic.

After all that the CanterburyW Reserves held out to be 17 point winners. The song was sung with much gusto, however, we may need to do some work or learning the words.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Aquinas 5.7-37 8.13-61 10.17-77 16.19-115
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 2.5-17 5.11-41 7.12-54
Goal Kickers: T. Lowden 2, N. Hicks 2, J. Temopoulos, A. Wheeler, J. Murphy
Best Players: R. Goodwin, C. Woods, J. Temopoulos, R. Walmsley, S. Hanrahan, N. Szabo

With a great pre-season under our belts, topped up with a stack of new recruits the feeling going into the opening round of the year was pretty buoyant. It’s always a tough assignment to go out to Ringwood and face Aquinas on their home deck.

With the side picked, albeit a few away from full strength, we thought we could get the job done. The practice matches had shown that and understanding of the game plan was there and would develop as these guys started to play some footy together.

From the first bounce it would appear we would be on the back foot. Dominance around the middle would see the Bloods open up a twenty nine point margin at the first break. They played with a good system and seemed to read each other very well. Unfortunate early game ending injury to Noel put us under the pump with rotations early but we just had to sort it out.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom as the opening to the second led to a few chances which we should’ve put away to close the gap. Those chances slid past but we were starting to get some traction in the game just couldn’t put it on the scoreboard. The margin at the half was forty four points but didn’t seem insurmountable.

In the third we had a fair portion of the play it seemed. Aquinas were wasteful in front of goal and could’ve put us to the sword. We kept on fighting but just couldn’t peg it back by a big enough margin. Our pressure had lifted though and the mids were still plugging away just had to convert more opportunities. Back to thirty six at the last change.

We were pretty banged up by this stage, Bourky with an elbow, Hanners with the traditional cut to the eyebrow and wheels with a cork that wouldn’t come good. We just had to keep riding the pressure that they were under in the third and we were still in it. Unfortunately they kicked the first goal of the quarter and that was all she wrote. We tried to move a few blokes around but just ran out of cattle.

It was a disappointing result to a day that had promised so much for so long. Cant wait to get them at the pit later in the year. Next week against the “fake snakes” we really need to have a sense of urgency from the first play and take more risks with run and carry. Let’s play some COBRA FOOTY!



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Aquinas 3.4-22 7.7-49 9.7-61 9.15-69
Canterbury Football Club 0.2-2 2.4-16 4.13-37 8.16-64
Goal Kickers: M. Deane 3, P. Gill 2, D. Desmond, R. Karasz, A. Panjwani
Best Players: L. Shearer, J. Collins, M. Cameron, L. Collins, D. Desmond, J. Collins


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