Rd 18 Men – Glen Eira


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.2-26 9.6-60 11.8-74 12.12-84
Glen Eira 1.2-8 2.3-15 9.6-60 13.8-86

Goal Kickers: N. Szabo 4, R. Murray 3, M. Astbury 3, J. Dear 2
Best Players: S. Hanrahan, N. Szabo, M. Astbury, S. Murphy, A. Wheeler, C. Skate

The final home and away fixture saw the Gryphons come over to the snake pit. The first encounter between the two sides saw a tight tussle with the Gryphons coming over the top late in the game. We had planned well for this week and if the result was to go our way it may be finals bound.

The constant message about pressure at the source and squeezing the game to be played in our half had been paying dividends for most of the year. If the boys bring the heat we know they will score and quickly. Planning to put Glen Eira on the back foot early was key.

It must have sunk in, we were hot early. Good ball movement gave our forwards a good look at goal. The pressure was right up there and first use in the middle would see us with a handy three goal advantage at quarter time.

More of the same was required in the second. The fellas were having a red hot go and our system was in full swing. Drive off the half back line and using the possession to our advantage saw an avalanche of goals. The smalls were getting busy and good space out on the wings was a bonus for us. The Cobras piling on five goals to one to take a healthy forty five point lead at the main break.

You don’t go through the season only dropping one game for a reason. Glen Eira would come out hard after half time. Just weathering the storm wouldn’t be good enough. The boys had to keep ploughing on. The Gryphons managed to close the game up to turn it their way. Seven goals to two was the result of their work. The effort was still really good but we just got a bit fumbly with the ball. The margin was still just over two kicks at the break.

The final quarter would go down to the wire. One down on the bench and Wheels who had been outstanding all day very ginger going into the last half an hour. It would just be a battle of will to get the chocolates. We had plenty of opportunities but just failed to capitalise. It seemed as if we ran out of steam. Fighting admirably till the final siren it wasn’t to be. Close but no cigar. It was just the two points being the margin at the final bell. It was a disappointing end to a great game and a pretty good year. I would like to extend my congratulations to Scoota on a wonderful playing career with Canterbury. Secondly, to the playing group who have been fantastic all season with plenty of challenges and adversity thrown their way. Thirdly, to Sean and the leadership group you have done us proud with you leadership and effort. Lastly but not least to Doaky, Woody and Mick for providing an environment where it’s a pleasure to be involved with local footy, well done.

In closing for the year, thanks to the committee for all of your tireless work and here’s to a bigger and better 2019 season.







Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.1-13 3.3-21 3.3-21 6.4-40
Glen Eira 4.3-27 6.7-43 9.10-64 12.12-84
Goal Kickers: R. Karasz 2, R. Hawke 2, E. Lowden, S. Wetherall
Best Players: J. Price, J. Collins, J. Collins, M. Battaglia, B. Lashbrook, A. Martenstyn


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