Rd 7 Women – Ivanhoe | Rd 8 Men – Glen Eira


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.3-9
Ivanhoe 1.3-9 2.4-16 7.9-51 12.10-82
Goal Kickers: J. Edwards
Best Players: L. Rinaldi, K. Bulluss, N. Schiller, M. Spillane, A. Payne, L. DawSitting fourth on the ladder and facing off against third placed Ivanhoe, the Canterbury Women’s squad ran out in unusually barmy weather at the Snake Pit for round 7.A tough first quarter had Ivanhoe up by 9 points going into the first break. A similarly hard fought second quarter ensued, with both teams hitting the contest with ferocity, but failing to make full effective use of their forward entries.

At half time, Ivanhoe led by 14 points.
The third quarter proved to be a similarly physical contest, but Ivanhoe rested control of the game, kicking 5 unanswered goals, followed by a similarly effective last quarter to ultimately defeat Canterbury by 73 points.

The squad is to be commended on their tough efforts around every contest throughout the game, and their willingness to play with absolute vigour until the final siren sounded.

Both T.  Schiller and J.  Edwards rucked fantastically against very good opponents, and have progressed enormously this season with their skills in this department.

L. Rinaldi played a fantastic game, rotating both through the middle and the centre half back line, providing some great rebound defending.

K. Bulluss slotted straight into a very tricky role, kicking superbly to greatly improve the teams ball movement.

The goal kicked by J. Edwards late in the fourth quarter is a goal of the year contender, being kicked after she plucked the ball from the ruck contest in the forward line up against the boundary, and sailed it through from a very tight angle.

A warm congratulations is to be extended to the debutante G. Boucher.

Head Coach,
Domma Luc




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Glen Eira 3.4-22 7.9-51 13.13-91 21.17-143
Canterbury Football Club 0.3-3 2.3-15 2.5-17 2.5-17

Goal Kickers: T. Murphy, G. Parry
Best Players: J. Collins, M. Kirk, N. Walden, D. Gianchino, A. Martenstyn, P. Dadd




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Glen Eira 0.4-4 4.8-32 6.15-51 11.22-88
Canterbury Football Club 3.3-21 5.5-35 7.6-48 9.6-60

Goal Kickers: M. Astbury 3, J. Wilson 2, A. Wheeler, G. Driscoll, R. Pearce, S. Murphy
Best Players: R. Walmsley, S. Murphy, M. Astbury, S. Hanrahan, R. Goodwin, H. Berenger

The task at hand this week was to pit our system against the undefeated Glen Eira Gryphons. Heading out to the spacious expanses of Packer Park, Melbourne had put on a marvellous display of sunshine for the round eight bout.

Again some forced changes were made and trying to find a balanced line up was a difficult assignment. If a win was to be had, an even contribution from the twenty two was required.

Trying to negate our sleepy starts this season, the pre match routine was adjusted slightly and some more time on the ground before the bounce was slotted into the equation. It seemed to pay dividends with a fantastic start by our boys. Opening our account with three goals and taking a seventeen point lead at quarter time. The mood in the huddle was good and some reinforcement of the intensity required was given. Key indicators were on target and the system was working.

Some key match ups around the ground seemed to be in our favour and the “run with” role from Rob Goodwin was having an impact on arguably their best midfielder. The Gryphons got off the chain in the middle of the second and booted four goals to one, seeing them draw closer, leaving the margin just three at the main break.

Still having belief in what we had set out to achieve, we attacked the third hard and a much more even contest was on display. Our work at the hard ball was good, but they managed to slip through the cracks on the back of a very disciplined structure on the outside. Their halfbacks and wingmen were having more influence now and helping them to nine scoring shots to three. If not for their wastefulness in front of goal they could’ve put us to the sword. With only two on the bench the magnets were shuffling around the board trying to get the balance right. A late goal still gave us a sniff only down by three points at three quarter time.

Not done with yet, Doaky asked for 10% more from the group to get a lift. The play would go Glen Eiras way for most of the last and we were running out of steam. Two goals just wasn’t enough to halt the momentum and we could never manage more than one at a time. The Cobra soldiers fought hard all day but just couldn’t find an avenue to goal on a regular basis. Eventually succumbing to a twenty eight point defeat there was no questioning the endeavour shown by the snakes. We gain a lot out of Saturday and with a few aces up our sleeve I’m sure our next encounter with the Gryphons will be a different story. Honourable mentions this week go to Hanners, Ghost, Batman, Goodies, Wheels and Smurph.

Next week’s game against the Warriors will need no extra motivation, but a big milestone achievement for one of the Cobras favourite sons is on offer. So we hope to see you all at the “Bat Cave” on Saturday to rally your support. Until then……..



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