Rd 9 Women – St. Bedes / Mentone Tigers | Rd 10 Men – Hawthorn


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.0 1.1-7 4.2-26
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 2.4-16 3.14-32 5.14-44 9.17-71

Goal Kickers: J. Edwards, M. Henschke, N. Schiller, A. Milne
Best Players: L. Rinaldi, R. Rogasch, P. Simon, A. Payne, L. Daw, J. Edwards

Back at home for round 9, the Canterbury women’s squad laced  up to do battle against third placed St Bedes/Mentone.

A tough first quarter, in the cold brought the home side very little satisfaction, failing to light up the scoreboard, while the away side kicked 2.4 to open a 16 point lead.

The second term was similarly lackluster, with Canterbury again unable to score while St Bedes pushed the lead out to 32 points going into half time.

With time to re-set and prepare properly for the second half of the game, the women came out and got on the board, kicking 1.1 for the quarter, with a superb goal by first year recruit Alex Milne, her first of hopefully many for the club. Well done Alex!

A focused and hard nosed last quarter fight by CFCW resulted in a further three goals being kicked. They were a sneaky tap off the side of the boot under heavy pressure by the crafty as always Margaeux Henschke, a big boot on an angle from distance by Jacquie Edwards, and a characteristic goal from the goal square (two in two games) from the Big Bird herself, Natasha Schiller.

Although ultimately defeated by 45 points, the squad is to be commended for it’s tenacity, fight and dogged determination to keep pushing in difficult circumstances.

Head Coach,
Domma Luc




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Hawthorn 3.3-21 6.7-43 12.12-84 15.15-105
Canterbury Football Club 1.1-7 3.3-21 4.3-27 6.4-40
Goal Kickers: H. Lee, M. Battaglia, S. Wetherall, L. Hodgson, R. Murray, L. Venditti
Best Players: J. Collins, L. Venditti, M. Battaglia, T. Hanrahan, Z. Walden, A. Ponton





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Hawthorn 2.7-19 7.15-57 10.23-83 15.27-117
Canterbury Football Club 6.3-39 6.6-42 6.9-45 8.10-58

Goal Kickers: J. Wilson 2, R. Murray 2, G. Driscoll, T. Wooster, C. Skate, J. Rowe
Best Players: M. Astbury, N. Joss, N. Walden, J. Dalzotto, G. Driscoll, A. Wheeler

The away leg of the local derby with Hawthorn is always a tough one. The Rathmines reserve has often been the likened to one of the death pits in ancient Mesopotamia. The assignment would be made even more challenging after the tragic passing of a club stalwart through the week.

With the side selected and two more debutants blooded into senior football (Nathan Walden and Jack Collins) it would be only a constant intensity that would get the result for Canterbury.

The first quarter was a great start for the cobras. Centre clearances and first use was all our way. Joss and Wheeler were on fire and scoring seemed to flow. Scoring shots were even but we had a handy 20 point lead at the break.

After quarter time this all changed. Our dominance was snuffed out by a revved up Hawks. We were trapped into a down the line game and it was playing into their hands. We just couldn’t get any momentum back. The Hawks piled on five goals to nil and had ten more scoring shots.

We needed a breather and time to reset, gain our composure and reload for the second half. Unfortunately the barrage continued after the spell. Three goals to nil and eleven scoring shots to three was taking the game away at a quick pace. In a few crucial moments there were some errors which cost us and could’ve swung momentum back in our favour. However Hawthorn had a thirty eight point lead at three quarter time.

The last was all about trying to be brave and play a style that suits our team and plays to our strengths, not into the hands of the opposition. I thought the guys fought on admirably but the damage was done. We managed two goals to five and seemed to get some pride back. It just seemed like we couldn’t get over a mental block on how to get the ball moving. Through some passages of play it was exciting and fast ball movement with link play and handball getting the job done. All too few and far between to have much impact.

So In fourth spot on the ladder is where we find ourselves. Six and four is not a bad start to the year. One game clear of Fifth, Sixth and Seventh on five and five. All we can do is stick at what has led us to those six wins. Train the system and play the system. Let’s rally together Cobras in what will be a huge match against Aquinas



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