Round 13 2016 – Glen Eira

We travelled down to Carnegie on Saturday to meet Glen Eira, undefeated in the seniors and sitting third in the reserves. On the large ground that is Packer Reserve, the day started with the reserves meeting a very strong Glen Eira outfit and they were well beaten in most aspects of the game. The seniors were much more competitive in their match trailing by only 17 points at three quarter time, before the Saints were able to kick away in the final term.

A huge thank you goes out to all that made it to the 135th anniversary gala at the MCG on Saturday night. It was a fantastic night with over 100 people in attendance, keep an eye out for photos from the night that will be up in the next few days.



  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Glen Eira 7.6-48 11.11-77 18.16-124 27.26-188
Canterbury 0.0 0.0 1.0-6 1.2-8

Goal Kickers: S. Woodward
Best Players: A. Stals, M. Crawford, M. Kirk, T. Hanrahan, T. Finnin, S. Woodward

Saturday was a tough day at the office for our reserves. Despite it being a ripping day with fantastic conditions for football, we came up against a very strong side at the top of their game.

Our opponents run, skill and effort was far superior to our own and allowed them to dominate most of the game. We had patches of competitive football, however, they weren’t enough to result in us hitting the scoreboard as often as we would like. There were strong performances from Stalsy, Stogdale, Patty Smith, Kirky and Turbo.

Whilst we are disappointed with the result as a group, we will work hard on the track this week and set ourselves for a very winnable game this weekend.





  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Glen Eira 3.2-20 7.3-45 10.7-67 17.8-110
Canterbury 2.3-15 6.4-40 7.8-50 9.10-64

Goal Kickers: T. Lowden 2, C. Woods 2, N. Szabo 2, R. Moody, R. Hobson, R. Walmsley
Best Players: S. Murphy, R. Moody, M. Astbury, C. Woods, R. Hummerston, R. Goodwin

On Saturday we played the benchmark of the competition, the undefeated Glen Eira, at their ground in Carnegie. We relished the chance to take on the best, and we felt we were a chance to knock them off. They got off to a flying start with 3 quick goals before we settled down and fought back with 2 of our own to go into quarter time a few points down.

We came out strongly in the second term and controlled the play for most of the quarter. We made our way into the lead and stayed there for most of the term until Glen Eira snatched it back just before the half time interval.

After half time Glen Eira were able to convert their opportunities better than we could and lead by a few goals, despite the game being very evenly matched until three-quarter time.

In the last quarter, they consolidated with a few more goals to secure the win. Mindful that we need to expose more players to good opposition, we changed the side around and the floodgates opened briefly, making the loss much bigger on the scoreboard than we felt we deserved. So be it.

in a very encouraging display for the rest of our season, Murph lead the way with a dominant display. Moods was extremely classy around the ball, and Lowds worked hard against two opponents all day, and Marty Astbury blanketed their best player. Woodsy and Wombat gave us plenty of drive, and Fridge controlled the rucks. Rob Goodwin continues to develop with another terrific game, and Hummer was very good against his old side. Jezza, Buckets, Jimmy and Tractor should all be proud of their efforts as well.

Next week, we host Elsternwick, and boy, do we owe them.



Back to the Snake Pit we go this week, as we host Elsternwick. We last played them at the end of May when both Cobra teams were upset by the Wickers. Let’s hope it’s a different story when the games are played on our deck…