South Australia champ Jack Abley

Continuing our look at some of Canterbury’s greatest players, this week we look at ‘Jack’ John Abley. Whilst most in Victoria will say, who? Let’s look at his achievements.

Jack AbleyBorn and raised in Canterbury, he came up with our juniors and by 1945 at 15 was playing in our seniors. He dominated mainly as a forward in our seniors until being picked up by Hawthorn in 1949.
He played a season in their Reserves and then moved to Adelaide. He was picked up by Port Adelaide and went ok. Played in seven Port premierships, 3 x All Australian selection, 23 games for South Australia, yes that is correct 23 games!!!

Was made Port Adelaide full back in their team of the century, and was inducted into the SA Hall of Fame. In one state game at the MCG, he lined up on former Canterbury teammate and full forward for Victoria, John Peck.

Those were the days!!!

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