2017 office bearers

The AGM was held tonight and the outcome is a new look committee for season 2017.

Greg Nichols and Clive Driscoll accepted their nominations for president and vice president respectively, with both elected unopposed. BJ Lashbrook and Kirsten Kent depart from those positions, though both will remain on the club committee. Sue Bach remains in the position of secretary, while Angela James accepted her nomination for the treasurer position. The previous treasurer, Carol Pearce will also remain on the committee, assisting in the transition.

Joining the above on the general committee will be Damien Reeves, David Scott, Scott Hawker, Siobhan Barker as well as 2016 committee member Sean Woodward. Rex Johnson is the only committee member outgoing.

Additionally, already established on a sponsorship sub-committee are Lachlan Haig, Scott Fitzgerald and Leigh Nelson. Also helping out in the finance department we have Siobhan Barker and Greta Tapps.

The fact that we have so many people involved at this stage of the year for the upcoming season is fantastic and should put the club in good stead leading into season 2017.

That being said, we could still use assistance in the membership and social departments, so if you’re keen to get involved please get in touch.

Here’s to a successful year at the Snake Pit!