2019 Rd 12 W Nth Brunswick | M Manningham | 3 St Johns



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.5-29 6.11-47 8.15-63 10.18-78
North Brunswick AFC 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1

Goal Kickers: J. Harvey 6, E. Mcskimming, M. Henschke, M. Guerin, R. Azzopardi
Best Players: R. Azzopardi, L. Rinaldi, J. Sommerfield, C. Highfield, M. Guerin, S. Leondidis

Following a deluge of rain and hail, the senior women entered the field to face North Brunswick for the second time this year.

A powerful first quarter resulted in a four goal haul, with some sensational hard work by the forwards netting the home side with a handsome lead at the first break.

North Brunswick tightened up from that point forward in the game, with the CobraW’s punctuating each remaining quarter with a further two goals.

J. Sommerfield proved powerful through the middle with L. Rinaldi. A. Milne put her trademark pressure on around the contest keeping things hot on the inside, while J. Smith and E. Harris worked the outside efficiently.

L. Nunn, R. Dodds and L. McMullin kept things tight defensively, keeping the visitors to a single point for the day.

Congratulations is extended to all senior players for breaking the CFCW winning margin record.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 3.2-20 5.3-33 5.4-34
North Brunswick AFC 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1

Goal Kickers: B. Roberts, G. Handby, A. Payne, G. Hogan, H. Kurban
Best Players: G. Hogan, H. Kurban, G. Handby, G. Boucher, E. Pittonet, B. Roberts





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Manningham Cobras AFC 3.7-25 7.9-51 11.15-81 13.23-101
Canterbury Football Club 2.1-13 5.2-32 5.3-33 6.3-39

Goal Kickers: J. Rowe 2, N. Hicks, T. O”Brien, C. Woods, R. Walmsley
Best Players: C. Woods, T. Lowden, R. Walmsley, S. Hanrahan, C. Bourke, H. BerengerThe Cobra cup was up for grabs in the away fixture versus Manningham. With conditions set to be diabolical and a large ground to deal with things were going to be no pushover.

The heat was on early and we were on the end of a clinical midfield performance. Winning the footy in the middle was a tall order and Manningham would have ten scoring shots to three in the first term because of this. 

Still with a sniff due to wayward kicking we would keep pressing. With a couple of late goals it wasn’t as bad as the play would have it. Only nineteen points the difference at half time. 

Trying to quell the input of a few dominant players would inevitably cost us with the loss of some structure. Combined with Mitchy out for the remainder of the day had a definite impact. You could see the boys try and get some form of game plan movement and style happening but it was to no avail. 

By the end of the game the scoring shot stat was ominous. Manningham had thirty six to Canterbury nine and we were sixty two points behind on the scoreboard. It was a clear indicator that not much went right for us and the well-structured Manningham sit second on the table for a reason. It was clear to see that the effort and intense pressure required to beat them early in the season must be able to be replicated if we are to go deep into the season.

With the next clash at home against the top of the table Aquinas it will be another test of our resolve and a chance to atone for the round one loss.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Manningham Cobras AFC 1.1-7 3.3-21 4.7-31 6.10-46
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 3.0-18 5.1-31 5.1-31

Goal Kickers: R. Karasz 2, J. Wilson, L. Venditti, A. Panjwani
Best Players: L. Venditti, J. Tomas, B. Lashbrook, N. Walden, J. Mreulje, A. Turnbull


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.1-1 1.1-7 2.1-13
St Johns OC 8.6-54 15.12-102 22.15-147 28.22-190

Goal Kickers: J. Leary, J. Maypiece
Best Players: W. Moschetti, T. Walton, B. Cullen, J. Mcnee, J. Chaplin, J. Leary


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