2019 Rd 2 W St Bedes/Mentone – M Richmond



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.0 0.4-4 1.4-10
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 4.2-26 6.4-40 10.9-69 11.11-77

Goal Kickers: K. Bulluss
Best Players: M. Guerin, J. Harvey, R. Rogasch, S. McMullin, L. Nunn, R. Dodds

After watching the reserves win a nail biter by a point, the Seniors endured a tough day on the field against quality opponents.

Ultimately losing by 67 points, the efforts of the young team were solid across the board.

A damaging first half was cause for a strong re-group at hald time, and much better football ensued, led by great defensive efforts led by L. Nunn, who played her best game for the club so far, some fantastic kick ins by M. Guerin and some huge rebound defending by R. Dodds, L. McMullin and R. Preston. E. Pittonet was her usual tough as nail self, and provided the back bone of the defence.

The mids toiled hard all day, with M. McCrum, playing her first game for the Senior’s displaying some beautiful tap work down to the inside mids.

J. Harvey, R. Rogasch, E. Harris and S. McMullin all operated cleanly on the inside, applying some fantastic pressure around the stoppages as well.

Although it was a quiet day for the forwards, a brilliant check side snap by J. Harvey late in the piece saw K. Bulluss positioned to finish off the play line with a sneaky toe poked goal which was a great way to cap off a difficult game.

All players are to be commended for continuing to develop and learn as a group.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.3-3 3.4-22 3.6-24 4.7-31
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 1.1-7 2.4-16 3.5-23 4.6-30

Goal Kickers: K. Bloomfield 3, H. Kurban
Best Players: K. Bloomfield, C. Highfield, T. Hall, J. Smith, J. Sommerfield, T. Malcolm

The day started off with a strange vibe around the group, the ladies came in in dribs and drabs and there felt like there was little system in the warm up. With a slow start on the cards the team was implored to up their anticipation and really bring the heat and carry on from their red hot form of the week before.

They replied like it was hoped.

A few bone crunching talks immediately after the first bounce set a tone and the ball spent the first ten minutes down the CFCW team end, however, St Bede’s struck with the first goal of the game. More intent and intensity was required with the game being played much slower than the week before – the teams were obviously more evenly matched.

Kiara Bloomfield started with two first half goals but plenty of opportunities went begging.

With Canterbury coming in at the main break a few points ahead there was still a lot of work to do. The girls were asked to try and create a buffer that would apply scoreboard pressure, again opportunity went begging for both teams with the pressure from both sides being phenomenal.

Again after the final break the CFCW ran out with the slightest of leads and were urged, despite being tired to fight on. In the first 1o minutes f the last the ball spent ample time in the Canterbury Women’s forward half but there was a lack of capitalisation.

Mentone’s pressure and fight was just outstanding. Their pressure then gave them a golden opportunity to turn the ball over and score with 7 minutes on the clock. Not 2 minutes late Hala Kurban took an unbelievable mark, played on and scored a much needed goal to but CFCW four points up.

The Canterbury women upped their pressure one more which lead to Mentone squandering opportunities kicking 3 points and an out on the full from prime opportunities – the backline lead by the Hall sisters was just too good.

Finally the siren sounded, a wave of relief washed over the group. A very manic and close game that culminated in a one point win and a lot of exhausted Canterbury Women’s Players.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Richmond Central 1.5-11 4.8-32 7.11-53 11.15-81
Canterbury Football Club 2.4-16 7.8-50 13.9-87 14.12-96

Goal Kickers: D. Desmond 4, N. Hicks 3, C. Bourke 2, R. Walmsley 2, N. Szabo 2, J. Murphy
Best Players: G. Pears, D. Desmond, C. Bourke, T. O”Brien, M. Szabo, O. Marett

Our second road trip for the year would see us head out to K.B. reserve to take on the fake snakes. After a reality check in round one there was plenty to prove against Centrals. Debutants Marrett and Desmond were inclusions along with Hawke and new recruit Perring.

With some more reinforcement of our ball movement system on the track through the week things seemed in order for game day. It was tight early and our stoppage work was holding together. The opposition ruck was very impressive and our mids would have to adjust. Only a five point margin at the first break.

More of the same for the second quarter with a tough battle on our hands. We were playing some good footy and transitioning into our forward half with some vigour. The defence was organised and settled. Mids were working both ways and getting in and under, we just had to convert our chances. Five goals to three pushed the lead to eighteen points at half time.

The third quarter saw our mids run free. Gav Pears was red hot and supported by JT, Murph and co. good entries, some clever roving and excellent marking was leading to multiple scoring chances. Six goals to three would increase our lead to thirty four.

With the game seemingly under control a final push to finish the job was required. A few forced changes early oped the door for Centrals who were coming home with a wet sail. A steadier after they had put three goals on the board was just what the doctor ordered. A final lead of fifteen points and our first victory of the year.

On behalf of all those on the other side of the white line I would like to wish Rob Goodwin all the best with the Breakie radio gig in QLD. Its been a pleasure watching your footy development over the past few seasons and hope to see you in the red, yellow and black one day.




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Richmond Central 4.7-31 9.11-65 12.13-85 13.21-99
Canterbury Football Club 2.0-12 3.2-20 5.3-33 6.8-44
Goal Kickers: P. Gill, A. Martenstyn, R. Karasz, D. Sharp, G. Driscoll, C. Bold
Best Players: N. Walden, D. Sharp, L. Collins, Z. Walden, L. Shearer, P. Gill


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