2019 Rd 5 W Mazenod | M Westbourne



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 3.3-21 4.5-29 5.8-38 6.11-47
Mazenod 0.2-2 2.3-15 2.4-16 3.5-23

Goal Kickers: M. McCrum 2, K. Bulluss, M. Henschke, K. Bloomfield, M. Spillane
Best Players: J. Harvey, N. Schiller, C. Highfield, G. Boucher, P. Mercer, A. Payne

Back home again, the CFCW lined up against Mazenod for their first ever clash.

A fast and open first quarter saw Canterbury scoring three unanswered goals. The first was a ripping around the body snap by M. Spillane which caught a lucky bounce and made it through.

J. Harvey, C. Highfield, N. Schiller and R. Azzopardi got things moving in the engine room, and M. McCrum was able to stick some strong overhead contested marks in the forward line.

A. Miller rotated into the middle and provided some much needed disposal precision, keeping the heat on Mazenod.

The second quarter saw Mazenod able to answer with two goals, and Canterbury only managing one.

G. Boucher provided some much needed stability in the final quarter as Mazenod surged late in the game. A. Miller, R. Dodds and L. Nunn were once again in absolutely fine form.

M. McCrum took home two majors, with K. Bloomfield, K. Bulluss, M. Spillane and M. Henschke all contributing singles.

A very tight second half resulted in two more goals for CFCW, and one more for Mazenod, taking the final margin out to 24 points for the home side.

The CFCW seniors now prepare for a big test against top of the ladder flag favourites Old Yarra Grammarians.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 1.2-8 1.3-9 1.3-9
Mazenod 1.1-7 1.3-9 2.4-16 4.5-29

Goal Kickers: N. Hyett-Allen
Best Players: J. Smith, J. Sommerfield, R. Preston, H. Kurban, T. Malcolm, T. Fitzgibbon




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Westbourne Grammarians 2.0-12 8.5-53 16.12-108 16.12-108
Canterbury Football Club 6.2-38 9.2-56 12.3-75 13.3-81
Goal Kickers: J. Rowe 4, N. Hicks 3, C. Bourke, A. Wheeler, M. Wheeler, M. Astbury, R. Walmsley, N. Szabo
Best Players: M. Astbury, J. Rowe, C. Woods, A. Carapetis, B. Griffin, N. Hicks

Games don’t get much bigger than this. Taking on the Warriors on their home turf is always a huge undertaking and it was no different on this occasion. A win and four points would set the up victor for a good run through the middle part of the season.

The usual windy conditions would be pushing a genuine five goaler away from the pavilion end. We were kicking with it in the first and needed to capitalise on the opportunity. It was really hot around the ball and the warriors system was very quick and polished. We managed to grunt our way to possession with good pressure. Slotting six goals to two gave us a buffer at the first change.

Adjusting our positioning on the ground to suit conditions and not let the ball out the back of defence would be crucial to any benefit in the second. Losing Joss would put us one down in rotations, not ideal but we had to overcome the situation. We managed three into the breeze only to see the Warriors pile on six majors. It would seem that a ten minute lapse in concentration and losing Timmy O, was the catalyst for the opposition scoring. It was pleasing to see us wrestle the game back into our control with some good patches of ball retention.

Needing to use the breeze for one last time to hold a half time lead, we had to break the game open. With only the one rotation on the bench it would be a mighty effort to keep the wolves at bay. Fighting on gallantly and getting some good play together just to see it repelled from Westbourne’s half backs. The physicality was starting to take its toll. All this aside the lead was still ours.

With only on ground moves available it was just up too keeping control of the footy for as long as we could and had to score to win. Marty Astbury swung into defence to try and control the highball was an obvious and necessary move. It would seem the first three punishing quarters would take its toll. Our mids were running on empty and another ten minute lapse saw Westbourne gain the ascendency. The horse had bolted, with three quick goals it would seem no return for the cobras. Once the dam wall broke it was all the Warriors way. Ultimately going down by twenty seven points.

The game did bring some positives, Cam Woods run with job was outstanding, Goals from Rowie, Marty’s last quarter, Griff’s good play in defence. Gav Pears was amazing all day. We just have to go back to what works. Fast team footy through the middle, run and carry.

Well done to the scoobs on their victory, very impressive.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Westbourne Grammarians 0.2-2 1.2-8 2.3-15 4.5-29
Canterbury Football Club 5.9-39 6.10-46 7.13-55 11.15-81
Goal Kickers: N. Joseph 2, L. Shearer, J. Murphy, M. Deane, J. Tomas, J. Wilson, R. Hawke, Z. Walden, H. Berenger, T. Sugumar
Best Players: L. Shearer, J. Wilson, L. Venditti, N. Joseph, J. Collins, Z. Walden


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