2019 Rd 6 W Yarra OG | M Parkside



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Yarra Old Grammarians 2.1-13 5.3-33 6.4-40 8.7-55
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 1.1-7 1.1-7 2.2-14
Goal Kickers: M. Henschke, S. Leondidis
Best Players: A. Miller, N. Schiller, C. Highfield, E. Mcskimming, R. Azzopardi, O. Witts



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Yarra Old Grammarians 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1-1
Canterbury Football Club 0.1-1 1.3-9 3.3-21 4.4-28
Goal Kickers: N. Hyett-Allen 2, B. Lawson, K. Bloomfield
Best Players: B. Lawson, K. Lucarelli, H. Kurban, B. Kroyherr, T. Hall, G. Callaghan




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 3.5-23 7.10-52 10.12-72 13.15-93
Parkside Football Club 3.2-20 3.4-22 7.9-51 13.11-89
Goal Kickers: T. O”Brien 4, N. Hicks 2, L. Shearer, C. Woods, G. Pears, S. Murphy, M. Szabo, D. Desmond, A. Carapetis
Best Players: N. Szabo, N. Joseph, J. Molony, T. O”Brien, G. Pears, J. Temopoulos

After licking our wounds from the Westbourne game, we set our sights on returning to the winners list against Parkside. It would be a large home game for the club with the past players day function and plenty of old snakes coming out for the day to show support and catch up with old mates for a few yarns.

Welcoming back into the senior side a few familiar faces and debutant Lachy Shearer for his first senior game after some great form into the reserves. The boys had a good week on the track and seemed in good Knick for game day.
The opener was a n arm wrestle and some good defensive play and herd work around the ball meant a pretty even quarter. Some wayward shots would only have us in front by a slender margin at the first change.

We saw the opportunity to clamp two of their major playmakers and it would pay dividends for the next 30 mins. Although we were up against another very good ruckman giving them first use our pressure was really good. A stingy defence holding them to just two points, but we were wasteful again in front of the big sticks slotting only four out of nine attempts. It seemed like a comfortable thirty point lead at half time.

The third term was much the same as the second. We had good control of the play and seemed to be working both ways. Two late goals in an extraordinarily long quarter gave the away side a real sniff.

With a couple of lame snakes and some running on fumes, it would be a case of could we go the journey? They threw everything including the kitchen sink at us. It was like being caught in a hail storm with no storm stick in sight. We just had to weather the storm. Parkside kicking six goals to three and were drawing closer with every tick of the clock. The siren eventually sealed our fate after thirty eight minutes, victorious by just four points.

Some outstanding games from Joseph, Molony, Woods and Pears. A solid week on the track, freshen up a few and get sorted for the trip out to Allard park to take on the Bulls in another must win to put our season right on track.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 3.1-19 4.4-28 5.10-40 7.12-54
Parkside Football Club 3.2-20 9.5-59 10.7-67 13.10-88
Goal Kickers: A. Panjwani 2, J. Collins 2, C. Bold, A. Martenstyn, J. Murphy
Best Players: J. Tomas, D. Sharp, A. Turnbull, G. Driscoll, M. Wishart, J. Collins


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