2019 Rd 7 W Sth Melbourne | M Nth Brunswick



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 4.3-27 5.5-35 6.5-41
Sth Melbourne Districts 4.0-24 4.0-24 5.1-31 5.3-33
Goal Kickers: K. Bulluss 4, R. Azzopardi, K. Bloomfield
Best Players: J. Harvey, L. Rinaldi, R. Azzopardi, M. McCrum, A. Milne, K. Bloomfield

Rebounding from a tough game against Old Yarra, CFCW seniors lined up against South Melbourne.

A strong first quarter from South Melbourne saw them kicking 4 goals straight to Canterbury’s 2 goals 2 points, to lead by 10 points going into the first break.

A strong second quarter by CFCW saw  2 goals 1 kicked unanswered. Some fantastic defensive pressure by K. Bulluss, M. McCrum and K. Bloomfield resulted in scoring opportunities that were not wasted.

After half time, the contest remained similarly hot, with both sides scoring a major in the third, with the margin sitting at just 4 points going into the final term in what turned into a nail biter.

A solid final quarter by Canterbury, with some incredibly tough rebounding work by J. Harvey saw the Cobra’s able to kick a final goal through a running R. Azzopardi which sealed the win.

R. Rinaldi rucked tirelessly all day winning many taps, in a return to some very good form. K. Bulluss finished the day with 4 for the biggest bag of her career so far. J. Harvey was tireless and silky in her efforts around the ground despite being weighed down most of the game by an extra body.

Young jet K. Bloomfield provided some cutting forward line pressure and was duly rewarded with her first goal for the seniors.

A Milne impacted the play hard all day when needed and provided some true grit at ground level, as did R. Dodds and L. Nunn.

P. Mercer and L. McMullin locked down the defensive half solidly, keeping a tight reign on proceedings down back.

All players are to be commended on a very strong showing across the board in such a tight contest.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 1.0-6 1.2-8 2.6-18
Sth Melbourne Districts 3.2-20 4.4-28 4.6-30 4.6-30
Goal Kickers: J. Smith, J. Sommerfield
Best Players: G. Callaghan, J. Sommerfield, B. Montibeller , T. Malcolm, T. Fitzgibbon, T. Hall




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Brunswick AFC 4.4-28 5.5-35 7.9-51 9.9-63
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 7.8-50 11.9-75 12.15-87
Goal Kickers: C. Bourke 2, M. Szabo 2, D. Desmond 2, N. Hicks 2, J. Rowe, J. Wilson, J. Temopoulos, M. Astbury
Best Players: A. Carapetis, C. Bourke, N. Szabo, R. Hummerston, M. Szabo, C. Woods

This week’s opponent was North Brunswick on their patch. A true five goal wind was to greet us. The reserves having a good win and playing the conditions very well would prove to be the template for the day. The Bulls were not to be underestimated after some good results they would take a focused effort to get the chocolates.

They got the jump at the start and would take a twenty point lead at the first spell. We had trouble countering their run on the overlap and struggled to contain around the stoppages. Our ball in hand was what we had asked for and the boys had no hesitation moving through the middle.

The penny had dropped for the second quarter and it was an avalanche of forward entries that would follow. The ability to feed the footy out the back and rebounding off half back had all the play on our terms. Only down side was the injury to a red hot, in form Gav Pears. We piled on six goals to one and opened up a fifteen point lead.

Some crucial shots missed in the second half would have the bulls closer than what we would like. However then ability to slow the game down and milk the clock would eventually pay dividends. A bad ankle to Jossy left us with only two rotations and guys were out on their feet. We remained strong and would be victors by twenty four points. If we could clean up the conversion rate scoring just twelve goals from twenty seven shots it could’ve been a big margin. All good though, banked another 4 points, sitting in third on the ladder and awaiting St Leos after two Saturdays of no games.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Brunswick AFC 2.3-15 4.7-31 4.8-32 5.15-45
Canterbury Football Club 5.2-32 5.3-33 8.6-54 10.11-71
Goal Kickers: D. Luhrs 2, P. Gill 2, J. Collins, C. Burns, M. Deane, N. Joseph, R. Karasz, T. Sugumar
Best Players: J. Collins, J. Tomas, P. Gill, R. Hawke, M. Wishart, D. Luhrs


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