2019 Rd 9 W Mazenod | M Emmaus St Leos



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mazenod 1.0-6 2.1-13 5.1-31 6.2-38
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.0-12 2.1-13

Goal Kickers: K. Bulluss, S. Leondidis
Best Players: L. Rinaldi, R. Rogasch, P. Simon, A. Milne, S. Leondidis, E. Mcskimming


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mazenod 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.3-9 1.5-11
Canterbury Football Club 1.3-9 1.3-9 2.7-19 3.8-26

Goal Kickers: M. Spillane 2, O. Marshall
Best Players: M. Spillane, A. Payne, T. Malcolm, B. Montibeller , J. Hanrahan, M. Bennett





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.3-27 4.6-30 8.12-60 12.15-87
Emmaus St Leos 3.2-20 6.7-43 7.7-49 7.13-55

Goal Kickers: T. Lowden 3, N. Hicks 3, J. Rowe 2, A. Wheeler, M. Szabo, J. Molony, M. Wheeler
Best Players: M. Wheeler, M. Astbury, J. Molony, T. Lowden, R. Walmsley, D. Desmond

After two weeks of no games the guys were itching to tackle their next home challenger. Emmaus St Leos coming down from div two last year would be no push over. After some intel from their previous game against Nth Brunswick we had formulated a good plan of attack to take on ”the animals”.

With the best side we’ve had on paper all year the ingredients were ready to go into the pot. A good start was crucial and getting a four quarter effort would be key for victory.

The opening quarter was an arm wrestle for the most. We had the score advantage but two late goals to St Leos would only have them a goal down at the first change. Our system was going ok for the most part and having vice-captain Wheeler back in the guts was adding to our clearance ability, up by seven.

Quarter two was a different story. The fellas battled away but it would seem St Leos would be up for the challenge. They had control of the game at it would seem at a glance that this could get out of control. They kicked three goals five behinds and could’ve made it very difficult for the cobras. There would now be a thirteen point deficit to overcome. Luckily there was lots of footy left to atone for the sleepy quarter.

There wasn’t much to say at the break. Some acid applied for more effort and the rest was up to those on field to right the ship. For some reason the third term has always been a bonanza for the cobras at home and it would be no different. Piling on four goals to one with all the play and momentum it would be a great quarter of football. The mids were working really hard and rebound footy from half back was creating plenty of opportunities. Big Cheesy was providing a great link up target and with the ghost at full forward and Hicksy lurking at ground level it was fairly potent. Eleven points our way at the break.

We had to play in the same spirit as the third as St Leos would throw everything at us in the last. The pressure had to be up and a ruthless approach must be adopted. Well, that’s exactly what played out. The quarter was predominantly played in our half. Another four goal term would see the winning margin of thirty two points.

Some really pleasing aspects of the game were the second half performances of those that were well below par in the first. Tim O chopping out in the ruck, Cheesy to CHF and three each to Hicks and the Ghost. Ball movement in the back half was fantastic and the ability to eat almost five minutes off the clock and ice the game was just great to watch.

Next week’s game against Parkside is just as important to keep the gap between third and fourth as large as possible.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 5.1-31 7.6-48 11.7-73 13.8-86
Emmaus St Leos 3.2-20 4.5-29 9.7-61 13.8-86

Goal Kickers: R. Karasz 6, J. Wilson 3, N. Ramakrishnan, A. Panjwani, C. Burns, J. Tomas
Best Players: J. Tomas, C. Bold, R. Karasz, J. McGrath, Z. Walden, N. Ramakrishnan


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 3.1-19 4.2-26 6.5-41 6.9-45
Ormond 3.2-20 5.2-32 8.3-51 10.5-65

Goal Kickers: J. Chaplin 2, J. Carter 2, T. Walton, N. Young
Best Players: B. Cullen, S. Grimston, J. Carter, D. Bullock, T. Walton, J. Chaplin


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