2020 season cancelled

You may have already seen the news, though our season is officially cancelled. It was no doubt an extremely tough decision for the VAFA board to make, though ultimately the right one. While this isn’t the outcome many of us were looking for as it means no footy until Round 1 2021 (assuming COVID-19 is under control by then), putting the health and safety of players, supporters & volunteers always needs to come before playing footy.

The reasons for cancellation given by the VAFA were concerns also shared by the CFC committee, and I’m sure the wider community, which were:

  • The health and well being of our VAFA community
  • The financial viability of all clubs – short and long term
  • VAFA Club sustainability
  • The burden on club volunteers
  • Legal liability (insurance)
  • The possibility of a compromised season
  • Further COVID19 outbreaks impacting our competitions

While only a couple of weeks ago it was looking extremely likely that we’d be playing, the recent spike in cases has forced the VAFA’s hand.

The last few months have been challenging for pretty much everyone, so thank you to everyone who’s helped get us to where we are, especially to our coaches, committee and Covid Comp organisers and team captains. We’ve had a large number of new recruits across our both our women’s and men’s groups, which is always great to see. Hoping to see everyone stick around for season 2021 and beyond!

That being said, just because we’re not playing footy this year doesn’t mean the season needs to be finished for everyone. I’m sure there will be some players who want to remain active while footy’s on hiatus, so stay tuned for developments there. As a sports club, I’d like us to provide somewhere for people to exercise in a safe environment, so depending on what people want to do will depend on what we offer. I also understand that some people are more than happy to forget about footy until next season which is also fine!

In terms of off field things happening for the rest of the season, once/if restrictions are further lifted we’d like to provide some sort of club socialising as long as it’s safe to do so. We’re still looking at holding our annual ball in some capacity, though it’s impossible to plan at the moment with the constantly changing landscape. There are also some other ideas in the works though they need some more thought before they can be confirmed.

As always, if there are any questions or you’d just like to have a chat, please feel free to get in touch with myself, another committee member or one of your coaches.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!!


BJ Lashbrook
President, Canterbury FC