A message from new senior coach John Doak

After his appointment to the role of senior coach last week, Doaky has the following message for club members.

Dear Sons & Daughters of the Cobra,

To be a past player and now given the reigns for season 2017 and beyond is one of the proudest moments of my life and I am truly honoured to lead this club and the lads on the front line. I am so excited and cannot wait for pre-season training to begin so we can get into it and build from this season and look to jag another flag ASAP.

I cannot wait to work extensively with every player on our list, and teach as much as I can to all of you. I feel we have tremendous talent on our list at present, but the club lost 20 players from season 2015-2016, and our reserves were a whipping boy and couldn’t provide our senior side with a lot of depth. This has to change and cannot happen again, and if we are to become powerful once more, we need around 20 new players to have a list in the high 70s.

If we can recruit 2-5 new senior players at a minimum, as well as a large chunk of reserve grade players, we will be right back in calculations immediately in both senior and reserve grades. If anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in a kick next season, please send their number to me on 0447778210 or email at john@doakelec.com.au so we can get the ball rolling straight away.

The feeling on vote count day last year after the club won both flags was the best feeling I have ever felt as a human, and want it badly again and I’m sure everyone feels the same too. We have a real “blank canvas” opportunity in front of us right now to identify ourselves and create a powerful club that is not just awesome off field, but on field as well.

We have an “All Star” coaching line up with my assistants loyal Canterbury people with great football nous in Sean Hanrahan (2017 Midfield Coach), Club Legend Rohan Walmsley (Batman), Chris Adames (Grizzy), with Craig Lashbrook (Quackman) to do the board on game day.

Exciting times are upon us, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride so get on board and let’s give this a real shake.

Love always, Doaky (Dadt)