Canterbury Sports Ground removed from LXRP project boundary

We’re pleased to anounce that the LXRP have determined that CSG will not be required for any temporary use associated with their works!

We recieved the following letter confirming the good news, thanks to all for their support in everything that’s been done over the last few months.

Dear Brendan and Members,

Canterbury Sports Ground not required for level crossing removal works.

Thank you for your interest in our plans to remove the dangerous and congested Union Road and Mont Albert Road level crossings, by lowering the rail line to run under the roads in an open trench.

The project has been fast-tracked and these dangerous level crossings will be gone in 2023 – two years earlier than originally planned.

Our ongoing project planning has determined that Canterbury Sports Ground will not be required for any temporary use associated with our works.

The ground will be removed from our project boundary.

We were confident our detailed construction planning processes would see us minimise or avoid impacts to this ground and I am pleased to confirm our works won’t impact the community’s enjoyment of this space.

Removing these two level crossings is a massive and complex engineering task: the land constraints and physical features in this area are some of the most challenging we have encountered.

We will always seek to minimise impacts to the community, however there will certainly be some temporary disruption in the wider area as we excavate 200,000 cubic metres of soil to lower the train line under these two major roads.

We will keep you informed of our progress in removing these level crossings and I thank your club and its members for their planning submissions and feedback.

If you require any further information please contact us via 1800 105 105 or

Kind regards,
Steve Brown
Program Director, Level Crossing Removal Project