Club Sponsor: Breadstreet – Tastes of Tanzania fundraiser

Longtime club sponsor, David Winter of local bakery Breadstreet, is running a fundraiser Saturday 30 March for the school he has been supporting in Tanzania since he visited in 2014.

For those of you who don’t know, Breadstreet supplies all our bread and rolls free of charge throughout the whole season for whenever we’re having a BBQ. 

David’s charity Umoja is in the process of buying the assets of Food Water Shelter ( which was started by some Australian women in Arusha in 2003, but is now close to collapsing. Australian Story on the ABC ran their tragic story in 2008 ( Worth watching! This is an extraordinary opportunity for Umoja to leave dilapidated rented premises, develop its own facilities and have a real future.

Caroline Goody, the founder of Umoja, will be attending the dinner. She completed her secondary education in Adelaide before returning to England for tertiary studies. David will be cooking with some Tanzanian women.

David would greatly appreciate any support from the CFC.

umoja fundraiser
umoja fundraiser

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