Cobras at Maling Road Auto Classico

IMG_3255The Canterbury Football Club will be in attendance at the Maling Road Auto Classico to promote ourselves to our community this August. Last year it attracted 10,000 people with some 100+ cars on display. James Nicolas has arranged with the organisers that we will have an allotted area with club banner, streamers & balloons along the street, with some of the drivers sporting our club scarves.

Players from the Men’s and Women’s teams are requested to come down in club polos for at least an hour so the club is exposed to our local community and beyond. You can get a coffee or beer and need do nothing but enjoy yourselves and admire the classic cars.

Additionally, we require a helper or two at 10am on Sunday morning to help set up the banners & balloons, etc.

WHERE: Maling Rd Shops

WHEN: Aug 20, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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