Level Crossing Removal Project impact on CSG

We’re sure you’re aware of the Level Crossings Removal Project (LXRP) that’s taking place throughout Melbourne. The Victorian Government has fast-tracked the removal of the Union Road and Mont Albert Road level crossings, with major construction starting in 2022 and boom gates gone in 2023.

As part of these works, Canterbury Sports Ground (CSG) could be aquired for up to two years to assist with storage requirements during the construction. Obviously if this were to happen it would have a huge impact on us and the other tenant clubs.

The good news is nothing is confirmed yet, and won’t be for some months. We’ve met with Council and the other tenant clubs, and have submitted objections in an attempt to take CSG off the list of possible sites to be aquired. You too can help by going to the LXRP Project Site and making your own submission mentioning the impact removing CSG for any period of time would have on the local community.

Submissions can be made until 11:59pm Sunday 28th February 2021.