Local Chemist A V Paul

Canterbury FC 1928 on the pocket where our dugout is today. This is one James Nicolas’ favourite pictures from our incredible history. In the photo the man in the hat is President A V Paul.

Look at any picture of the club from 1919 until WW2 and he is front and centre as President for most of the years and in the last period he was treasurer. One of the earliest Life Members of the club he was the Canterbury chemist for decades.

Back in the day before most people had cars hundreds of cabs (horses with enclosed carts) were the mode of travel. Where the station carpark is today was where the cabs would line up to pick up people from the station, or drop them off and right on the southwest corner still stands a beautiful double story Gothic building. This was the Chemist of AV Paul. He was president when the club won its first senior premiership in 1920. A First Division flag. It was revenge for the clubs loss in 1919, when it lead the table all year only losing the big one.

A salute to one of the clubs greatest leaders who devoted a large part of his life to the Canterbury FC and is nominated as president for the legends team.



Note the high pocket fence at rear which surrounded the whole ground when you had to pay admission to watch Canterbury games in First Division. Note the boy in the Pine tree and think of how big that tree is today. Note an example of the jumper with the yellow panel in the middle. The black in the middle was introduced in 1949. I went to school with A V Paul’s Grandaughter who is a lovely lady and is a specialist at Box Hill hospital. Her family lived in Prospect Hill Rd in A V Paul’s original mansion. She is no footy supporter at all, but when Amalie sees me one of the first question is how are the Berries going.