Modern day gun Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker was one of the shining lights in a mainly tough era for the club.

BakesA player who was often underestimated by opposition clubs in match-ups and by his opponent, but always at their detriment. Bakes was a player who could take an overhead mark, but had an amazing ability to blindside his opponent, and get goal side and score. A terrific snapshot for goal and when he felt he had received unwarranted attention from a backman, was not adverse in letting him know about.

Bakes kicked over 234 goals in his career for the club, which is an outstanding figure for a small forward. It was fitting that his loyalty to the club in the hard years was rewarded by finishing a premiership player in 2015.

Andrew Baker is our latest nomination for the Legends team. This picture shows him with club legend JB, at the 2015 premiership celebrations.