President & Clubman Chris Barras

Chris Barras was a local boy going to Canterbury Primary and Camberwell High, and like many of his mates at Camberwell High, the natural progression was at Canterbury FC. Chris is the first to admit he was a battler as a player, but Chris always brought his all to the contest, and got the best out of himself.

Chris got involved helping at the club as he loved the club and in 2005, took over as club president, when people weren’t breaking down the door for the job. Chris though took it on with vigour and gave his all to the club, keeping the role for 5 years, and was a key worker & leader in the club’s survival, during a tough era. When Chris finished as president, he stayed involved in the club and Barras’ Burgers on match day, were a feature at the Snake Pit for years. A home game was not a home game without a Barras burger!!!

Chris BarrasChris personifies love for this club, and keeping it not only going, but devotes so much time to helping it improve, in so many ways. He has also been a key helper along with Sue in supporting our Ladies team on match days.

Congratulations Chris on your well deserved nomination for our Legends team as president. A truly great Canterbury clubman.

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