Rd 10 Women – Swinburne | Rd 11 Men – Aquinas


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.1-1 2.2-14 2.4-16 3.8-26
Swinburne University AFC 2.0-12 2.1-13 2.1-13 2.1-13

Goal Kickers: L. McMullin, J. Edwards, M. Henschke
Best Players: R. Rogasch, L. Rinaldi, P. Simon, N. Schiller, J. Edwards, T. Reape

After the two point loss to Swinburne in round 5, the CFCW squad was focused on making amends. A fast starting Swinburne put two majors on the score board to a single Canterbury point by the quarter time siren.

A focused address at quarter time saw CFCW boot two unanswered goals and a handy point in reply in the second to to pull into the lead by a point going into half time. The sneaky non-preferred foot goal by Margeaux Henschke was thrilling, while some clever play by Tara Reape rewarded Jacquie Edwards who made full use poking through the second goal of the day.

A very hard fought third quarter with some absolutely first rate forward pressure allowed Laura McMullin to kick her first goal ever for the CFCW’s. The goal was impressive, moving through traffic to slot the goal, with great physical shepherding being rendered by Margeaux Henschke and Em Harris.
A similarly intense last quarter resulted in four points to Canterbury, and no score to Swinburne, who were ultimately held scoreless for the whole second half.

The pressure applied over the course of this game was absolutely first rate, with an enormous number of ferocious tackles being laid, and many fantastic passages of play occurring.

The run off the half back line by Loz Rinaldi and Lauren Daw was a driving force behind the many forward entries. Defensive pressure by Tara Hall, Maddie Bennett, Emma Hall and, of course, Zoe Reape, ensured that Swinburne’s chances of scoring stayed below zero throughout the second half.
The midfield work by Renee Rogash, Pippa Simon, Steph Giles, Ange Payne and the rucks was monstrous.
I’d like to congratulate the squad as a whole for their dedication, persistence and tenacity during every single minute of the game. You made the choice to do absolutely everything you could to win this game, and you are extremely worthy recipients of the first ever victory by CFCW over Swinburne.

Head Coach,
Domma Luc




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Aquinas 6.4-40 11.7-73 14.9-93 20.13-133
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 1.3-9 2.6-18 3.7-25

Goal Kickers: S. Griffin, J. Bayley, R. Murray
Best Players: T. Murphy, C. Anderson, L. Venditti, N. Stogdale, P. Dadd , O. Marett




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Aquinas 2.2-14 3.6-24 6.11-47 10.16-76
Canterbury Football Club 4.5-29 5.8-38 7.12-54 8.15-63

Goal Kickers: R. Walmsley 3, T. Wooster 2, S. Murphy 2, J. Wilson
Best Players: R. Walmsley, M. Astbury, S. Murphy, T. Wooster, J. Tomas, S. Hanrahan

Aquinas away this week would be a hard fought battle against an in form side. With plenty of game style reinforcement through the week we just had to be on from the first bounce.

Our start was fantastic and controlled the game from stoppage and mopping up through the back. It felt like we should’ve been six goals up at quarter time thanks to three in the term from Batman.

A fifteen point lead was how it would stay going into half time. It was just an old fashioned slog as the drizzle set in. We were battling away but knew we just had to score to keep the home side from gaining any momentum. The little fella was doing a great job in the ruck for his first game for the cobras and it was pretty even contest overall.

A two goal to three third quarter saw the home side closing in on the injury ravaged snakes. Joss and JC both pulling up lame with a string and Rob Goodwin coping a stinger to the shoulder the troops weren’t in the best shape. Our lead was only seven points at the break.

Doaky pleaded with the fellas to just give everything to get over the line and a responding early goal seemed to do the trick. However the bloods had other ideas. They kicked the first to draw level but Big Wheels Wilson slotted a sausage to give us back the lead. The boys fought on admirably but just ran out of steam. Three unanswered goals to Aquinas put the result beyond doubt. The deficit thirteen points at the final siren.

Honourable mentions to Astbury, Walmsley, Hanrahan, Wheeler and Wooster for their performances.

So begins the search for the team that will knock off the “Fake snakes” and return the Cobra cup to its rightful custodians at Guildford Road. Until then, train hard, rest and recover. Everyone’s right behind you fellas and you all have our full support. You give us everything you have each week for the Canterbury colours so let’s hope the footy gods are on our side for this week’s game.



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