Rd 12 Women – Sth Melbourne | Rd 13 Men – La Trobe


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Melbourne Districts 1.1-7 2.4-16 2.4-16 3.4-22
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 4.3-27 8.3-51 10.5-65

Goal Kickers: K. Bulluss 3, L. Rinaldi 2, J. Edwards 2, P. Simon, P. Mercer, M. Spillane
Best Players: M. Spillane, L. Rinaldi, A. Payne, K. Lucarelli, L. McMullin

Freshly regrouped after a sobering game against last years premiers two weeks prior, the CobraW’s rolled in to Gary Smorgan Oval on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon to face South Melbourne.

With South Melbourne sitting a game ahead of Canterbury and inside the top four, motivation was not hard to find as the squad warmed up with some banter, drills and stretching. Some revisited game instructions from the Coach, and some final words from Captains Jacquie Edwards and Kate Lucarelli had the squad focused on the task at hand when they lined up for the first ball up.

The first goal by Loz Rinaldi proved to be a huge confidence booster for the team, with Kiera Bulluss providing a second to take the Cobras to 2.2.14 to the Blood’s 1.1.7 going in to quarter time.

South Melbourne’s defence and numbers around the ball provided an arm wrestle for Canterbury’s midfield and defenders in the second, but the CobraW’s got a further two goals, through Jacquie Edwards and Loz Rinaldi, taking an 11 point lead into the long break.

A huge third quarter ensued, with Canterbury kicking 4 unanswered goals, holding South Melbourne scoreless to open up a 36 point lead. Paige Mercer (kicking her first for the club), Mary Spillane, Jacquie Edwards and Kiera Bulluss contributing goals feeding off some hard work from Natasha Schiller, Loz Rinaldi, Steph Giles, Pippa Simon, Stephanie McMullin, Alex Milne, Ange Payne, Em Harris and Renee Rogasch running through the middle.

A final two goals by Kiera Bulluss (bringing her total for the day to 3) and Allysha Dyer brought the winning margin out to 43 points, for the biggest win of the season for far.

The defensive efforts of Tara Hall, Kate Lucarelli, Laura McMullin and Liesel Nunn and Elise Pittonet were fantastic all day and set up much of the attack.

The CobraW’s now sit fourth on the ladder, having jumped South Melbourne due to the win.

The team now turns its sights to the forthcoming game away against Ivanhoe.

Dom Lucarelli




La Trobe Forfeit.




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
La Trobe University AFC 0.3-3 1.5-11 2.8-20 3.8-26
Canterbury Football Club 3.7-25 10.14-74 17.16-118 28.22-190

Goal Kickers: J. Wilson 8, M. Astbury 6, J. Dear 4, A. Wheeler 4, R. Murray 4, S. Murphy, J. Mreulje
Best Players: J. Wilson, A. Wheeler, M. Astbury, S. Murphy, H. Berenger, J. Molony

After having a much needed spell the Cobras were keen to get back on the winners list against a struggling LaTrobe uni. With only a nine point victory in our last encounter it was hard to tell what sort of team we would be encountering.

A rejuvenated snakes outfit took to the field at Parade college in our brand spanking new white away Guernsey. Looking the business would hopefully translate into a strong performance. In a reasonably tight opening quarter it felt like we would have control of the play. Tiny was back in the ruck and trying to get some run in the legs while giving our mids a good go of things. Ten scoring shots to three would give us a twenty two point lead at quarter time.

The inclusion of J.Molony, J.Dear, and P.Dadd for their first senior games was paying dividends. Dear with strong hands up forward, Molony’s class through the mids and The Puff Daddy getting busy at the crumbs. All lines were winners at this stage of the game. We were doing the team things and it looked pretty attractive footy. Big wheels’ was getting silver service up forward and seemed to be enjoying a few sausages. A sixty three point lead at the main break would surly see a comfortable victory but we were all hoping to see how ruthless we could be. As percentage would play a huge part in getting into September action, no mercy would have to be applied.

The mids were going about their business in the third. Wheeler and Murphy had their own ball it seemed and the press was repelling most of LaTrobes entries. Goodies playing back and spending some good midfield minutes was having a blinder. Run off half back from Rowe and Berenger was outstanding and with Astbury lurking around the arc, it seemed that only time would beat us today. Nearly raising the bat at three quarter time and not wanting to stop, the group set an ambitious task of thirty goals for the game.

Getting some valuable game time into Matty Cameron at centre half back and seeing what a few players could do in other positions didn’t seem to impact our heavy scoring rate. Needing thirteen goals to reach our target it was pleasing to see all on the ground doing the right things with the footy. Our setup at stoppage was holding together and using the spare to good effect. Unfortunately we fell two goals short of our target it what was a supreme display, recording a 164 point win.

Outstanding performances from J.Wilson, with eight goals, six to M.Astbury and four each to Tractor, Buzz and Wheels. I don’t envy those giving votes for this game, but big mentions to Hanners, Goodies, Bull and Murph for a fantastic contribution.

Massive home game v the other other snakes this week. From here on in they’re all must wins on the road to September.


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