Rd 13 Women – Ivanhoe | Rd 14 Men – Richmond


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Ivanhoe 1.3-9 2.3-15 4.4-28 4.10-34
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 1.3-9

Goal Kickers: A. Dyer
Best Players: L. Rinaldi, P. Simon, M. Spillane, L. Nunn, A. Payne, A. Dyer

A trip out to Ivanhoe Park for round 13 had the CobraW’s facing off against the Ivanhoe Ivies.

The last time the teams met earlier in the year, Canterbury went down by 73 points, and this time squad was focused on making amends for the previous efforts.

A tight first quarter had Ivanhoe kick one major and three minors to create a nine point lead.

A similar second quarter saw Canterbury hold Ivanhoe to just one further goal and two behinds, with Ivanhoe’s lead extended slightly out to two goals.

Tara Reape proved instrumental in defence, taking a number of important marks as Ivanhoe peppered the ball into their forward half. Zoe Reape worked tirelessly to set the defence up and keep structure and composure.

A tough third quarter saw Ivanhoe throw everything at the contest, with a few brief lapses of defensive pressure resulting in two more majors being scored against the CobraW’s.

A brilliant fourth quarter saw Canterbury score a goal through Allysha Dyer off some brilliant run by Loz Rinaldi, Ange Payne, Liesel Nunn and Pippa Simon. Mary Spillane also did some heavy lifting around stoppages to get the run going.

Although ultimately a 25 point defeat, the result was an 8 goals turn around on the last time the teams met, and the consistent tight defensive pressure by all players at all times is to be commended.
The team now turns it’s attention to the last home and away match for the year against Therry Penola.

Dom Lucarelli





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.1-25 4.4-28 5.5-35 8.8-56
Richmond Central 4.2-26 9.5-59 12.7-79 13.10-88

Goal Kickers: D. Boxell, D. Gianchino, M. Cassidy, R. Hummerston, S. Wetherall, L. Venditti, R. Hawke, D. Fabrici
Best Players: S. Griffin, J. Tomas, D. Gianchino, D. Fabrici, L. Hodgson, D. Sharp




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.1-7 3.5-23 8.7-55 10.9-69
Richmond Central 3.2-20 5.4-34 6.6-42 7.8-50

Goal Kickers: R. Murray 4, J. Dear 3, M. Deane, S. Murphy, R. Goodwin
Best Players: R. Goodwin, A. Martenstyn, N. Walden, J. Dear, A. Wheeler, J. Molony

With a tune up against LaTrobe last week there was a buoyant vibe around the snake pit on Saturday. A different yet settled side with its spirits lifted would have to be on their toes against the fake snakes. Last meeting would see us get the chocolates by the narrowest of margins and with a potential finals birth still within the realms of possibility for the victor it would be a battle of epic proportions.

Just as expected the opening quarter was a tight one. Richmond had the jump early and with Rowy coming off with a head knock it wasn’t the start Canterbury was after. Adjustments were made and we seemed to settle. It was still a thirteen point deficit at the break.

The arm wrestle continued in the second. Neither side wanted to give an inch. The Richmond coach was up to his sneaky best starting players out of position and pushing as many as he could off the back of the square at centre bounces. We were in the game but not quite hitting top gear. Scoring chances were there but missed two gettable opportunities. Canterbury was still trailing by eleven at the main interval.

I asked the troops to rally in the third. I had seen glimpses of our running game but nothing had been sustained for any significant amount of time. I was now or never to get it cranked up. The response was dramatic. Shutting down their influential players and using the advantage we had in the middle was amazing. Dominance at the stoppage and rebounding out of the back line would see us score five goals to one and strike back against the tide. You can always tell when an opponent is rattled. It was clear as day as they started to argue and comment to their own players. It was music to my ears. We had managed a twenty four point turn around, up by thirteen at three quarter time.

The fellas looked fresh and hungry. Reinforcing the running game and fast footy it appeared everyone was engaged and on the same page. Ready for the last we waited an eternity for the snakes, who were getting a spray, to come out of their huddle. The footy was back and forth all quarter with only three goals kicked. As we held control of the play for the most part it would be a sweet feeling when the siren sounded. Nineteen point victors. Richmond season is done. Canterbury is still well and truly in the hunt.

Outstanding contributions on the day by Molony, Walsmley, Murphy, Wheeler, Dear(3snags) and Hanrahan. Honourable mentions to Goodwin, Berenger, Skate, Murray (4snags) and Joseph.

I would like to end this prose with a big thankyou to Mick and Woody for all of their help on Saturday. Having been given the reigns for the day with Doaky on personal business it was a great opportunity for me. I was able to use Hanners and Wheels as a sounding board all day and it gave me great comfort in their feedback. So to all involved a big thanks.

Get up and about for this week’s gargantuan game against the fancied Westbourne warriors out at the thunder dome. It’s time to pinch one back.


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