Rd 16 Men – Albert Park


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.3-9 2.3-15 3.3-21 4.6-30
Albert Park AFC 3.2-20 5.9-39 10.11-71 12.15-87

Goal Kickers: S. Fitzgerald 2, P. Dadd , R. Hummerston
Best Players: J. Price, J. Tomas, D. Sharp, M. Battaglia, S. Fitzgerald, M. Cameron




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 7.2-44 11.8-74 14.14-98 24.16-160
Albert Park AFC 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.6-12 1.7-13

Goal Kickers: J. Dear 8, T. Wooster 3, M. Astbury 3, N. Szabo 3, J. Rowe 2, S. Murphy, G. Driscoll, A. Wheeler, R. Pearce, C. Skate
Best Players: J. Dear, S. Murphy, S. Hanrahan, C. Skate, M. Astbury, J. Rowe

Round 16 saw the Cobras return to “The Snake Pit” to take on the Falcons. Our first meeting in round three was a tight affair only just getting the chocolates and we expected more of the same.

The Falcons looked the goods early but we managed to wrestle back control. From about the ten minute mark of the first we never looked back. Strategy across the ground was putting a halt to Albert Parks moves forward, this combined with a strong midfield performance would see Canterbury kick eleven goals to one at half time for a unassailable sixty eight point lead.

As is the nature of the ladder at the moment the relentless efforts in front of goal were not to fall away. Percentage will be crucial going forward. A few moments throughout the third gave them a look at goal but couldn’t convert. We put five away ourselves but could’ve been more. Our repel from half back was exceptional in the tricky conditions. The boys were full of run and were dominant at the source.

The backs were set a challenge at three quarter time to keep them to just the one major for the day. At the other end the job was to put as much mayo on it as you can. Dear was dominating taking marks at will and the mosquito fleet were finding space and getting to the fall. Supply was generous and a ten goal to nil quarter the result. Backs did the job only giving away a solitary point keeping them to just on major for the day.

The clinical nature of the system was on display and the ball movement was outstanding. In this week’s mini elimination final against the Razorbacks it must continue. Every effort must be made this week to prepare mentally and physically for there may well be no tomorrow. No stone to be left unturned and every one percenter taken for I feel Saturday will just be a game of inches. So when the Red Yellow and Black run out onto St James’ park on Saturday you can be assured that we all believe in you and you have our unbridled support. Go get em Cobbies.



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