Rd 8 Women – UHS-VU | Rd 9 Men – Westbourne Grammar


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
UHS-VU 0.1-1 2.3-15 2.3-15 2.3-15
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 2.0-12 3.1-19 3.4-22
Goal Kickers: M. Spillane 2, N. Schiller
Best Players: L. Rinaldi, N. Schiller, M. Spillane, L. Daw, Y. Hall, A. Payne

With the mercury barely touching 5 degrees, a very brisk morning greeted the CobraW’s as they arrived at Bren’s Oval to face UHS-VU for their round 8 clash, and the first match for winter. 

Clad in new run out tops, jumpers, jackets and beanies, the squad “warmed up” for the 9.20AM kick off in conditions that would remind many of frosty mornings playing junior footy in arctic conditions.

Ignited by a characteristic fast start, CFCW surged the ball into their forward arc often, with great attack on the football, and intensity to match. Mary Spillane up forward for a holiday from her usual engine room role was able to capitalise towards the end of the quarter, sailing through a lovely goal off a free kick deep in the pocket.UHS-VU fought back hard in the second quarter, significantly lifting their pressure around the stoppages. A great string of play started by Lauren Daw (a reward for her second and third efforts) resulted in her seizing possession of the ball and moving rapidly out of defence, passing on to Kate Lucarelli and Ange Payne who were able to attack and run with the ball and centre to Mary Spillane who dobbed her second for the day in silky finish to a great chain of play. UHS-VU answered back rapidly with a response nailing a goal, and the game tightened going in to half time.

A strong third quarter effort with some very clever rucking by Evie Hall and Jacquie Edwards saw the Cobras lock down possession for most of the third quarter. Mary Spillane moving back into the engine room after her first half holiday up forward which netted two goals,  brought some serious additional ground level grunt and experience around stoppages which shifted momentum heavily for the CobraW’s. Paige Mercer provided fantastic physical pressure in the forward half stopping UHS-VU’s defence getting clean possession with her smart use of her body and intensity.

The forward half defensive pressure was rewarded with a free kick to Kate Lucarelli on the 45m arc who roosted the ball onto the goal line finding Natasha Schiller on the other end of the kick, who took a beautiful contested mark and booted her third for the day to extend the Cobra’s lead to 4 points going into the final quarter.

With the work rate cranked high, the CobraW’s hammered forward entries in the last quarter, managing three more points but no majors, while holding UHS-VU scoreless in last term.Strong midfield work by Ange Payne, Renee Rogasch, Lauren Daw and in particular Pippa Simon throughout the day was absolutely fantastic, as was their strong and disciplined running which ensured that strong pressure was applied both around the ball, and a kick behind and in front of play.Superb roving work by Loz Rinaldi, Natasha Schiller, Mary Spillane Megan Yeaman and Ange Payne proved to be an pleasure to watch.

Gemma Boucher, playing her second game for the club, provided some fantastic defensive rebound efforts which greatly assisted the CobraW’s ball movement.The consistent, strong and intense work rate by all players all match was sublime, well done squad!Congratulations are extended to Katherine Raw who played her first game after a long and hard rehab and recovery from an injury sustained during pre-season. We are inspired by your tenacity Kat!

Head Coach,
Domma Luc




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.1-1 3.4-22 7.8-50 11.9-75
Westbourne Grammarians 5.4-34 7.7-49 10.7-67 13.10-88
Goal Kickers: R. Murray 5, A. Boyd 3, T. Wooster, J. Sabell, G. Ratnakumar
Best Players: S. Griffin, R. Murray, A. Boyd, N. Walden, J. Collins, T. Wooster




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 2.3-15 3.5-23 7.7-49
Westbourne Grammarians 2.7-19 6.7-43 9.12-66 13.16-94
Goal Kickers: J. Price 2, A. Wheeler 2, H. Berenger, T. Lowden, M. Szabo
Best Players: R. Goodwin, A. Wheeler, M. Astbury, R. Walmsley, H. Berenger, M. Szabo

Going in to the Westbourne game there was plenty at stake for both clubs. A win for the cobras would see a gap from the pack open up and Westbourne’s chances for September action be all but snuffed out.

Five time B & F winner Rohan Walmsley would play his 150th game and the boys were keen as mustard to get stuck in.

It didn’t get too far into the first quarter and the warriors were all over us. Cobras pride its footy brand on pressure and forcing mistakes from the opposition. This wasn’t the case and we were chasing bums all day. The extra numbers we commit to stoppage were having little impact. The injury to Noel Joseph also had a major structural effect on the way we were able to make changes through rotations.

Nothing seemed to go to plan. Skill errors were the order of the day and seemed infectious within the group. Everything was adding up. Little kicks missing targets, handballs either behind or going to ground, and to top it off most of our regular stars were just having a bad day. This isn’t to say that the players weren’t trying, they all give 100% every game but to see nothing work for the majority of the day was frustrating to say the least.

There was however moments of high skill and this resulted in the bulk of our scores, we were just not able to do it for long enough.

Valliant efforts from Rob Goodwin, Tom Lowden, Al Wheeler and the Batman himself throughout the day were the best for the snakes.

With the week off due to Lizzies birthday gives us a chance to freshen up and get some strength back into the group. Lick our wounds and saddle up again for the away clash against the Hawks on June 16.



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