Round 1 | Women – Aquinas | Men – Swinburne



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Aquinas 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.4-10 1.5-11
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 6.4-40 6.4-40 7.7-49
Goals: Henschke 2, Spillane 2, Edwards 2, Bulluss
Best: Payne, Henschke, Rinaldi, Schiller, Spillane, Giles
After a long and intense pre-season dedicated to development work, the completely re-built 2018 CobraW’s have burst into round one form.

Travelling out to Ringwood to play Aquinas away from home, the new CobraW’s outfit set the standard from the very start of the game with fast and physical play, surging the ball forward.

Superb ruck work by Schiller kept Spillane, Giles, Rinaldi, Rogasch, Daw and Payne well fed with plenty of the ball to work with. And work they did, making full use of the great tap work, and creating many forward entries for the forwards to work with.

Henschke got the ball rolling with a beautiful long snap off the inside of the boot in very heavy traffic which sailed through for the first goal of the day, and more majors flowed from there. A dangerous looking Bulluss streaming towards goals roosted a big bomb through the sticks resulting in a very handy goal.

The midfield also got in on the action with Spillane managing to snag two somehow while busy carrying out other duties.

The intensity of play by the CobraW’s was reflected in a 38 point lead at half time.

The second half proved more difficult, with Aquinas doubling their efforts and proving to be very strong competitors, with the ball spending much of the time in Aquinas’ forward half.

An enormous credit to the very tight CobraW defence, led by the forever dependable, smooth and calm full back Z. Reape, who worked tirelessly across the back half to shut down a surging Aquinas, and holding them ultimately to 1 goal 5. Defensive efforts by  Johnson, E Hall, T Hall and McMullin (amongst others) were stellar. The team took home a 38 point victory over a quality opposition in a fantastic team effort across the board by all players.

A warm congratulations is to be extended to the debutants, T. Schiller, R. Rogasch, S. Leondidis, M. Henschk, T. Reape, G. Handby and P. Mercer.

Dom Lucarelli



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 3.2-20 8.3-51 10.4-64
Swinburne University AFC 3.1-19 8.5-53 10.7-67 11.10-76
Goal Kickers: F. Cunningham 4, D. Walden 3, J. Collins, D. Sharp, M. Careri
Best Players: C. Hains, D. Walden, B. Lashbrook, F. Cunningham, M. Careri, R. Pearce

The Duck Diaries:

After an exciting pre season the Canterbury Football Club players, officials and supporters can have the confidence that no matter what players represent our football club we have the belief that we can perform to the best of abilities week in and out.

Round 1 was no exception…

After a strong start with stand in Skipper Daniel Sharp kickstarting our campaign with a sausage from 35m, we were able to have repeat inside 50s creating many chances… However we were only able to convert 4 scoring shots from 16 entries an area that we were able to tidy up as the day progressed.

The midfield did a fantastic job, with the likes of Choco and Smoking Joe Moloney cracking in giving us first use. Big Evan Lowden was pivotal in providing first class service that aided the on ball brigade.

After quarter time, Swinburne were able to get on a roll and kick over our press to head to the halftime break with a 33 point lead.

The feel at half time was positive, a calm approach from our leaders ensured that the boys remained confident.

After some positional changes and advice from assistant Mick Nichols, Marto and Keif Walden were able to outmanoeuvred their men and shut them completely out of the game in the second half.

The third quarter was a fantastic quarter for the Cobbies, with Darryl Wakelin (Dan Walden) and Fraser the amazer Cunningham capitalising in front of the sticks.

Unfortunately it was not to be, Canterbury going down by 2 goals. A brilliant effort on every line and to be down by 39 points midway thru the second and comeback like we did shows true character.

Special mentions to Hainsy and BJ for their work deep in defence, awesome display of leadership and courage shown on several occasions by both men.

As we said after the match, whilst we are content with the performance, we are not satisfied… if we continue to work hard and bring that effort for FOUR quarters results will go our way!

Go Cobras

Sean Woody Woodward





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.5-29 8.8-56 13.9-87 17.16-118
Swinburne University AFC 1.3-9 2.6-18 5.9-39 8.13-61
Goal Kickers: M. Astbury 7, M. Szabo 4, T. Murphy, A. Wheeler, J. Rowe, T. Lowden, S. Murphy, G. Driscoll
Best Players: M. Astbury, T. Lowden, S. Hanrahan, M. Szabo, R. Goodwin, R. Walmsley

Round one finally arrived on a brilliant autumn afternoon at “The Pit”. Goal Posts up and fresh cut grass in the nostrils it was hard not to be excited for the awaiting battle versus the Razorbacks.

With ten different names from round on last year and after a fruitful pre-season, developing and refining our game style, it was sure going to be a good test of what we had been doing since December.

A strong opening term saw us take an early lead and hold off most of their forward entries. Defensive pressure and ball movement across the ground was rolling well and when we had control, used it reasonably well. With T. Lowden roaming the length of the ground at will and M. Astbury clunking anything that came near him it was a good first quarter.

With the midfield having a clearance purple patch and some great drive off the half back line the game was flowing nicely for the snakes. This saw the scoreboard four goals to one cobras way and taking a handy 27 point lead at the half.

The main break was a time to re-set and reinforce the good work being done. We knew Swinburne would come out hard for the third and try to wrestle the ascendancy away from us. Early goals for the opposition prompted a few strategic moves from the box, trying to shut them down and take control. The plans worked a treat and managed to post 5 majors ourselves

Forty eight points was the gap at the last change and the Cobras right on top. After the first 5 mins the heat was totally out of the game and time to pile on a big score was the thought. With a few players managed for the first quarter, this was able to give us good run in the last and finish off strong. Cobras running out 56 point victors.

A quality start to 2018 from the snakes with outstanding contributions from Lowden, Astbury, Goodwin, Berenger and Murphy. Defence rock solid and ball movement on our terms, it was a tremendous first up outing at home.

Looking forward to taking on a revamped and recently relegated Hawthorn at the “The Pit” next week in what always is a belter.