Round 2 2016

It was good to be back at the Snake Pit last week as we hosted Powerhouse, as well as unfurled the premiership flags that were won last season. While the reserves were unable to get the result as they came up against a well drilled Powerhouse outfit, the seniors were able to take the points in a fantastic match, with that keeping top spot on the D3 ladder.

A big thanks to all of the past players & supporters that made it down on Saturday, a great day was had by all. Thanks also to all that were involved in the organisation of the day, in particular James Nicolas & Leigh Nelson.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury 0.1-1 1.1-7 1.4-10 2.4-16
Powerhouse 6.2-38 9.9-63 11.10-76 13.14-92

Goal Kickers: T. Sanderson, M. Szabo

Best Players: A. Stals, A. Panjwani, B. Lashbrook, S. Strater, A. Szabo, D. Reeves

Saturday was a tough day for the ressies at Canterbury Sports Ground. Powerhouse got the jump on us early and showed greater commitment at the contest. Quarter time saw us down by 6 goals and in need of the break to reset.

The second quarter was a slight improvement on our part, with improved effort and some effect in shutting down their half backs. However, half time saw us down by almost 10 goals.

A quick chat at half time revealed the need for us to bring more effort, shut down their handball out of the back of stoppages and to be more productive up forward. I was very pleased with the players’ efforts in the second half which saw the margin at the end of the game remain close to that from half time.

We had strong performances from Arun, Stals, Kirky and M Szabo. In particular, thanks to Mitch for filling in despite being on one leg as we were one short before the game.

With a strong week on the track we will be back bigger and better next week.





Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury 5.5-35 7.8-50 12.13-85 15.17-107
Powerhouse 2.3-15 5.7-37 9.10-64 10.11-71

Goal Kickers: N. Szabo 6, S. Fitzgerald 4, R. Walmsley 3, R. Hummerston, M. James

Best Players: N. Szabo, C. Skate, R. Moody, D. Hutchinson, B. Peel, N. Stogdale

Round 2 saw us faced with new opposition – a seasoned Division 3 team in Powerhouse – a side we knew very little about. We were excited to be playing a side that had performed well in round 1, and we felt this would be a good test of our progress, and our desire to be a competitive side in Division 3. We hosted Powerhouse at the Snake Pit, and in front of an excellent crowd, we hoisted our 2015 premiership flag for the first time, before getting the game underway.

We burst out of the blocks with a couple of quick goals, before Powerhouse steadied and worked their way back into it. While their rucks were extremely tall, they weren’t able to dominate Gash and Jimmy who used their leaps to at least break even in giving us first use. Wombat and Fridge were putting goals on the scoreboard, and our defence was holding strong. Quarter time saw us with a three goal lead which was a good return for our efforts.

During the second quarter, we allowed Powerhouse back into the game as they outscored us, and a goal right on half time had them believing they could win. A number of undisciplined acts gifted them a couple of goals. It was frustrating to see us work so hard for extended periods, only to then give up stupid goals by arguing with umpires. I have never once seen an umpire change a bad decision when verbally abused. Hopefully our players will begin to learn that soon.

The third quarter saw us rattle on five goals – all from the boot of Buckets – who was able to capitalise on some good ball movement from up field with a classic small forward display. By three quarter time we were 21 points up. A good position to be in but the game was by no means over. We felt that we had been the dominant side, but Powerhouse would not give up and were able to stay in touch.

Three goals to one in the final quarter saw us run out comfortable winners by six goals. Our forwards once again kicked a winning score with six from Bucky, three from Batter and four from The Fridge. Nice to see Mick James sneak his first Cobbies goal late in the piece.

It was a very even effort from all of our players. Scooter took on a very good opponent and showed his class by beating him soundly. Moods was once again silky around the contests and Stoggy was very composed in his return to the side.Marty Astbury blanketed their best forward and continually won plenty of his own ball in another assured display. Ana was busy all day around the stoppages and Tommy gave us a good target from start to finish.Congratulations to Tony Crawford on his first senior game. I’m sure there’ll be many more. The only downer for the day was Michael Crawford popping his shoulder – let’s hope it’s not too serious.

Next week we take on the gifted students from UHS-VU at the Snakepit. Let’s hope we can teach them a thing or two.

Reevesy #YNSA

We’re back at the Snake Pit this week to take on UHS-VU as they trek over to the East. Though it’s hard to tell in a new division, their form in the opening two rounds looks to be good, so we’re looking forward to two solid games of footy.