Round 3 2017 – Power House


On Saturday our Women played the last of the grading games. The undefeated Old Trinity continue to prove themselves as a powerhouse of the women’s competition with a big 175-point win against Canterbury Football Club at Hughes Oval. Old Trinity was dominant throughout with multiple scorers and a strong team performance. Emma Hall shone for the Cobras, but it was Old Trinity’s Georgia Fleiter’s day with a stellar 10 goals, taking her season tally to a whopping 17.

With the grading rounds complete, we have been put into Development Division 4 and will play against: Brunswick Renegades (2), Bulleen Templestowe, Canterbury, De La Salle, Fitzroy-ACU (2), Hawthorn, SKOB Saints (2), South Melbourne Districts, St Mary’s Salesian (2) and Swinburne University.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury 4.2-26 8.5-53 11.6-72 14.11-95
Power House 4.0-24 6.1-37 10.6-66 12.6-78

Goal kickers: J. Wilson 6, R. Hummerston 2, G. Driscoll 2, C. Woods 2, S. Woodward, A. Panjwani
Best players: J. Wilson, C. Woods, M. Careri, T. Hanrahan, R. Pearce, A. Stals

Round three against Power House we arrived at the ground at 10am for set up prior to the game. All players were accounted for and we started the pre-game schedule, most players would so say it’s like ground hog day. The attitude prior to the game was a lot different to last week a bit more subdued, maybe the players were more focused on what was to come.

But once the players went out for the warm up their intensity and focus was apparent, this is when I was confident the boys were ready for the hard and competitive game ahead.  Once the ball was bounced, we knew what was to come powerhouse were also hard at the ball, we kick the first two goals of the game through good ball movement and thought he we go. Powerhouse steadied and started winning the stoppages, having bigger bodies around the contests help them get back into the game. We had played hard tough football in the first quarter, but we had conceded some easy goals through not manning up and be accountable. Goals to Wheels 2, Arun and Woods gave the Cobras a lead of by 2 points at quarter time.

We spoke about the clearances and stoppage setups at quarter time as we needed to change a few things and ensure were all being accountable and playing to team structures.  The second quarter was played with the same intensity as the first. Once we started to win the stoppages, we moved the ball quickly down to our tall forwards in Hummer and wheels who both kick two in this quarter.  Our onballers with Hawke, Choc, Stalsy, Haines, Woodsy getting the ball out of the centre, we started to get on top. The backs had keep Powerhouse to two goals for the quarter well done boys. BJ was making a lot of the opposition’s inside entries, our defensive zones were set up and we repelled a lot of their forward entries, JMC and JC were also running through the lines and creating chances for our forwards. Half time we had a lead of 16 points.

The 3 quarter was a tight affair with both teams giving there all, players were all hard at the football and working well to win the stoppages, but we moved the ball with less conviction in this quarter. Our switching was non-existent and we become too predictable. Through loose defence and mids not being accountable at times, powerhouse got back into the game and outscored us 4.5 to 3.1.  Power house had kicked the last two goals of the quarter. Cobras lead by only 6 points. Goals to Wheels, Woodsy, Dris.

We were definitely in for a fight whoever wanted the win the most would probably prevail.  At 3 quarter time we spoke about our structures and how we need to switch the ball more and not be too predictable, we also needed to run hard be accountable and work together defensively and offensively.

The 4 quarter was a physical encounter players putting their body on the line, powerhouse where started to took control early and kicked the first two goals of the quarter, although we have some changes early.  Woodsy went back to help out in defence. Wheels into centre bounce for a bigger body and we won the centre stoppage and sent the ball forward with along kick, woody was lurking out the back and kicked the ball of the ground to put us back in front. With drive from Pearce, Collins, JMC who were Running through the lines created opportunities up forward, where wheels kicked the next goal. Our defence tighten up with Stogdale and Cross taking intercepting marks helped keep them scoreless after this. Dris put the icing on the cake with a late goal. We run the game right out and won by 17 points in the end. The fact that we come from behind and how we responded the way we did, marks the sign of a good side.

Great win by the boys today and this keeps our season rolling in the right direction. But we must not rest on our laurels as we have plenty of work still to do.

The great thing about today was the fact the whole team played their part in the win the effort produced by all was excellent. We all need to get down to training Tuesday’s  & Thursday’s and let’s keep work hard on improving our game plan, structures and also improving our own games going forward. The fact that we have more players available next week only means there’s more competitiveness for spots.

Great win Cobras.

Uncle Den


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury 1.4-10 3.5-23 7.7-49 10.9-69
Power House 7.3-45 12.6-78 16.7-103 18.9-117

Goal Kickers: A. Hummerston 4, M. Szabo 4, R. Walmsley, A. Wheeler
Best Players: S. Fitzgerald, J. Carrington, T. Lowden, J. Wilson, B. Peel, R. Goodwin

Coming up against Power House in the top of the table clash on Saturday, there was a genuine sense of confidence that we could keep our winning form going from the previous weeks belting of Sth Melbourne. Seeing the 2s grind out a gutsy win was stirring viewing, but by quarter time we were in serious trouble 35pts down with Power House running rampant through the midfield with sharp ball use around the ground and into their forwards. They were first to the ball, were hungry, had big bodied players, and made us look slow. Their relentless pressure in tight made us second guess our decisions, and with Jimmy Mreulje, Jimmy Wilson, and Luke Venditti copping injuries we were down to a bench of 1 rotation quite quickly. I thought our 2nd quarter was much better in intent and pressure, but still not enough to not only stem the tide but to peg it back our way, as Power House extended their lead to 55pts at the main break. The break couldn’t have come at a better time, as we needed to reset and refocus on what was happening out there and how to get back into the game. To the boys credit, we came out firing early in the 3rd, and with some slight adjustments to the magnets we reduced the margin to 5 goals with 10mins to go in the term. But due to some poor discipline and arguing with umpires etc, the margin popped back out to 54pts at ¾ so it was a case of not giving up and concentrating on our game style and structures. I thought our last term was Ok, but to be fair it was evident Power House took the foot right off the pedal as the damage was done. It was a brutal reality check on what we need to do to match it with these guys, but the good thing is we have ample time to get our game in tip top condition. We are on the right track boys, and have 8 goals to catch up by the next time we play them in 8 weeks. Best players for the Cobs were big Fridge who tried valiantly all day in the ruck against a 7ft goliath, Carrington down back tried his best as did Goodwin, Tommy Lowden was super in attack and defence, Forwards Mitchy Szabo & Andy Hummerston both bagged 4 to take their totals to 10 goals each for the year, Wombat battled hard as usual, Jimmy Wilson did his best, and Benny Peel played his best game for the year so far which was great……Looking forward to playing at Elsternwick Park for the first time this year on a massive deck to bounce back from Saturday and get back on the winners list……Doaky……