Round 4 | Men – La Trobe University




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 4.5-29 6.8-44 8.12-60 16.19-115
La Trobe University AFC 0.1-1 1.3-9 3.3-21 4.4-28

Goal Kickers: T. Wooster 5, J. Sabell 3, D. Tasker 2, T. Murphy, M. Battaglia, O. Marett, D. Sharp, A. Stals, T. Crawford
Best Players: T. Crawford, T. Wooster, M. Cameron, N. Stogdale, J. Sabell, T. Murphy

The Duck Diaries IV

After a disappointing result the week before against Albert Park, the lads were determined to make amends.

Prior to the match, the vibe was strong and excitement built for the Pirate’s (Billy Blezard) 199th match. This reflected on our first quarter, lots of inside 50 entries and plenty of scoreboard pressure.

However, we were unable to convert and the game was still up for grabs going into half time. Our onball brigade led by Sharpey, Stalsy and BOG Tony Crawford ensured the Cobras were in a strong position.

After half time we still were wrestling the momentum, but eventually were able to break the La Trobe shackles.

Five snags to TJ Wooster as well as three to cobra first gamer Jimmy Sabell gave the Cobras an 86 point victory as well as plenty of Gatorade showers.

Special mentions to Nathaniel ‘Keif’ Walden for his solid effort marshalling the troops down back.


Sean Woodward



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 3.3-21 7.10-52 9.14-68 10.17-77
La Trobe University AFC 3.1-19 5.2-32 7.4-46 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: J. Rowe 3, G. Driscoll 3, T. Lowden 2, S. Murphy, J. Tomas
Best Players: S. Murphy, J. Rowe, G. Driscoll, S. Hanrahan, R. Pearce, H. Berenger

The round 4 fixture against La Trobe Uni at home wouldn’t have taken match of the round status but most viewed the game as a chance to gain much need percentage against the rest of the pack.

Another 6 changes has seen us use upwards 30 players in only 4 games, definitely testing the depth already at this early stage of the year. Returning to senior duty, Rowe, Careri, Skate, Venditti, Dalzotto and making his senior debut Leigh Hodgson.

Some more tweaking of positional duties, lead to some changes in starting positions, trying to create a bit more drive and cover at stoppage setups.

The winless La Trobe were quick out of the blocks and had us on the back foot early. Their ball movement was pretty composed for a wooden spoon contender. Having to gain back the lead late in the term it with three majors and taking a two point lead into quarter time.

Our method was OK and only failing to capitalise on good midfield work meant we only managed to convert four out of eleven scoring opportunities, but still had a comfortable 20 point gap at half time. The back line and in particular the Skipper and Maxy were doing a cracking job.

It was a tight third quarter with both sides kicking two goals apiece and we just couldn’t put them away. With a few blokes just off the pace a bit it seemed like every minute was extremely taxing and we just couldn’t put the icing on the cake. We were holding firm though and still trying to play the game on our terms. Injuries to some key personnel left rotations to a minimum and the boys would have to slug this one out to the final siren.

Going forward really seemed a slog all day and only had us kicking one goal three to La Trobes’ three goals four. They had all the momentum and the run of play. Players were moved behind the ball just to shore things up, but it was just one of those footy days. To the cobras’ credit the boys fought hard till the end and put another crucial four points in the bank with a nine point victory. Great performances from, Murphy and Hanrahan and fantastic contributions from Driscoll, Rowe and Berenger.

Time to regroup, reshuffle and train hard with the Cobra cup up for grabs next week and a chance to go 5-0 with a really difficult month of footy coming up. Just remember “Labora Ut Requiescas”.


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