Wakool native, Presidential Legend Nominee, BJ Lashbrook

BJ is one of those players that every coach loves to have in his team. A player who plays old fashioned, no frills footy. Who goes out week after week playing hard, straight ahead footy for the club he loves, and does it year after year. If this was BJ’s only contribution to the CFC, it would be a valuable one. BJ played in the 2015 Reserves premiership for the club. A reward for his loyalty.

30442857_10213702574353101_2690952730944705802_n (1)BJ however, has done more than that. After serving the club on the committee for a number of years, in 2014 he stepped up at a moments notice to take on the role of club president after the incumbent resigned without notice, letting himself and the club he loved down. BJ in typical fashion took on the role when needed, and injected new ideas, and helped the club improve its Social media footprint, amongst many other achievements. Not only playing in the 2015 premiership, he was the president in that great year, which gave the club its first double premiership since 1956.

BJ can be proud that when his presidency ended, he had left the club in a stronger position than when he started, and fittingly was awarded Life Membership.

The boy from Wakool in the Riverina has been, and continues to be, a great servant of this club, and is deservedly shortlisted for the position of president of our Legends team.

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