av paul

Local Chemist A V Paul

Canterbury FC 1928 on the pocket where our dugout is today. This is one James Nicolas’ favourite pictures from our incredible history. In the photo the man in the hat is President A V Paul.

Look at any picture of the club from 1919 until WW2 and he is front and centre as President for most of the years and in the last period he was treasurer. One of the earliest Life Members of the club he was the Canterbury chemist for decades. Continue reading “Local Chemist A V Paul”

Wakool native, Presidential Legend Nominee, BJ Lashbrook

BJ is one of those players that every coach loves to have in his team. A player who plays old fashioned, no frills footy. Who goes out week after week playing hard, straight ahead footy for the club he loves, and does it year after year. If this was BJ’s only contribution to the CFC, it would be a valuable one. BJ played in the 2015 Reserves premiership for the club. A reward for his loyalty. Continue reading “Wakool native, Presidential Legend Nominee, BJ Lashbrook”

Fleming family bull, Mark Fleming

The Fleming family is one of the great Canterbury FC families. The father, the late Pat Fleming was for years on the committee, trainer and Life member. His youngest son Dale, a star forward for the club, already shortlisted for the legends team. Middle son Ross, was a more than serviceable player for the club, over many years, and is a Life member. Continue reading “Fleming family bull, Mark Fleming”