Men Rd 14 – Swinburne | Women Rd 11 – Hawthorn



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Hawthorn AFC 3.1-19 4.1-25 6.7-43 6.7-43
Canterbury Football Club 0.0 3.3-21 3.3-21 3.9-27
Goal Kickers: M. Yeaman, M. Spillane, L. Rinaldi
Best Players: M. Spillane, A. Mentor, E. Pittonet, M. Yeaman, P. Simon, J. Close

From Assistant Coach Jade Shanahan:

From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank each and every one of the playing group for your efforts this season. For a group of women who predominantly have not played football prior to this year you can all be extremely proud of yourselves for the way you’ve embraced your training, preparation and game days. I’m incredibly proud of the way you all rose to the challenges of being an inaugural club, learning the game, staying positive all the way, supporting each other and managing your lives outside of the commitment that we asked of you. Well done! Be proud of yourselves, be proud of each other!

Much appreciation must also go to Sue Bach and Chris Barras for their tireless efforts to assist us this year, your help and guidance has been invaluable and it has been a pleasure learning from you both.

Finally, as it has been expressed that a number of you would like to continue keeping up your fitness and ball skills, we’ll continue with Monday nights as an informal session for anyone who wants to come along. There won’t be trainers so it’s more like ‘structured kick to kick’ with me.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.0-6 1.4-10 3.6-24 5.6-36
Swinburne University AFC 5.4-34 5.7-37 5.10-40 8.10-58

Goal Kickers: N. Walden, A. Panjwani, S. Woodward, M. Kirk, S. Wetherall

Best Players: J. Dalzotto, M. Careri, T. Crawford, R. Hawke, A. Stals, S. Wetherall

Round 14 against Swinburne at the snake pit, last time against Swinburne we were taken to the cleaners, so we were looking for a better showing today. The conditions today were very windy and swirly meaning it was going to be hard to score at either end of the ground.

The first quarter we were slow to begin second to the ball and going through the emotions, Swinburne took full control of the situations and pile on 5 goals, before we moved mangoes forward to score our only goal for the term and actually his first for the season well done captain Kirk. We struggled to score in the quarter mainly due to the fact our forwards weren’t holding their positions and being sucked up the ground. When we had opportunities we didn’t capitalise on them. 28 points down at the break and looking like it’s going to be along day.

The second quarter with the swirly winds we come out with intent and were willing to put out bodies on the line. Our mids with Choco, Stalsy, and Crawford were setting the example; time after time we had plenty of play in our forward line but couldn’t convert. Our efforts in the backline keeping Swinburne goalless for the term and even though we didn’t kick a goal ourselves, the back six were tremendous. JD and JC were having an absolute crack and setting the tone for everyone to follow. Hawke was having an influence in the ruck and things were looking up. Halftime the margin was 27 points. Our effort and intent around ground was very good. Our endeavour and attack on the footy couldn’t be question, but our disposal at times was letting us down.

After half time our attack and aggression towards the ball and doing the team things was awesome to watch, Pricey set us alight with an aggressive tackle, which resulted in Swinburne starting to take a back step. We were winning the stoppages with Hawke taking control in the ruck and running through the lines, set up our first goal kicked by Nathan Walden. JD who had been hard at it all day was playing his best game for the Cobra’s. Woodsy’s second and third efforts resulted in our next goal kicked by the Wooduck. We moved the ball well in this term for a reward of 2.4, which could have been have well been five goals. Our back 6 lead by T.Crawford, Boldy, Walden, Cross and Co keep Swinburne goalless for the second quarter in a row …Awesome Stuff.!!!!.. Cobra’s down by 16 points at ¾ time.

The final term we were in with a real chance but must kick the first goal, Swinburne lifted and kicked the first two goals for the quarter and went out to a 34 point lead, we decided to put our big gun down forward so Rowdy went deep into the goal square to be our main target down forward. He responded with great D1 D2 forward pressure, tackling his opponent and being rewarded with a dropping the ball decision, Rowdy goes back and slots the goal and goes nuts!!!! Looks like we are going to hear about this for the a few months – well done Rowd’s, back to 28 points the difference. We got the next clearance and Arun was rewarded for his hard work by a late goal, just on the siren to bring the margin back to 22 points.

Boys our intensity and aggression today after quarter time was sensation stuff to watch, unfortunately we weren’t rewarded for efforts today. But take note if we keep playing with that some attitude than I believe we can give La Trobe a run for their money next week. Great work lads…Although we didn’t get the points today I believe a win isn’t too far away.

Go Cobras !!!

Uncle Den


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.7-13 4.9-33 5.10-40 7.13-55
Swinburne University AFC 2.3-15 6.3-39 8.9-57 17.11-113
Goal Kickers: A. Hummerston 4, T. Lowden, G. Driscoll, R. Walmsley
Best Players: A. Hummerston, R. Walmsley, T. Lowden, M. Wishart, S. Fitzgerald, J. Blakemore

A huge must win clash awaited the seniors as they took on Swinburne University at home in game to shape to top 4. Wild winds awaited both sides as the bureau predicted 50km winds which would wreak havoc for both teams.

The first stanza saw both teams struggle to come to terms with the wind. Andrew Hummerston was providing a strong target up forward getting his hands on a number of forward thrusts. We had numerous opportunities to hit the lead but unfortunately kicked a disappointing 1.7 to be down by a kick at the break.

The second quarter provided an entertaining battle as both teams fought to gain ascendency. Fridge was doing his usual deft ruckwork with Blakemore and co the beneficiaries. Lowden was intercepting many forward advances playing at CHB. Unfortunately we were unable to make the most of our dominance heading down the race a goal behind despite having 4 more scoring shots.

The second half saw Swinburne take control of the game. There run to create and kicking skills unfortunately saw them to push out to a three goal lead at three qtr time. After a good old fashioned spray from Doak at three qtr time we came out and kicked the first via Lowden who had been swung forward. Unfortunately that was where it stopped. Swinburne took full advantage of the breeze and ran out comfortable winners.

Next week see us host La Trobe in a game we must win. With four games to go we must win to keep our slim finals chances alive.