Men Rd 15 – La Trobe Uni



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 0.2-2 2.4-16 4.7-31 6.7-43
La Trobe University AFC 3.3-21 6.7-43 6.12-48 9.18-72

Goal Kickers: N. Walden 2, S. Woodward 2, B. Robinson, C. Woods
Best Players: C. Woods, A. Panjwani, N. Joseph, N. Stogdale, A. Stals, R. Hawke

Round 15 against La Trobe at the snake pit, last time against La Trobe we were beaten fairly convincingly so with the side we had in I was expecting a better performance today. The conditions over the last weeks have been windy so we should be used to it by now, scoring can be done at either end of the ground.

The first quarter was virtually the same as last week slow to begin, we were second to the ball and just not applying ourselves to the task of winning the contest. La Trobe took advantage of the situation and kicked the first three goals of the game, than we started to get a bit competitive and attack the ball and win the stoppages. Even though we didn’t score a goal for the quarter we steadied and keep La Trobe goalless for the rest of the term. We had 20 tackle for the quarter and were back in the contest 19 points down at ¼ time.

The second quarter with the swirly winds we come out with intent and put our bodies on the line. Our mids with Choco, Stalsy, Woodsy, Arun were giving us opportunities up forward. We kicked our first goal through Nathan Walden with a strong mark and goal. Our backs through Hainsy and Stogdale were creating opportunities up forward for us, Woodsy, Boyd were everywhere back, forward, on the ball and givitheirere all. Nathan Walden kicked our second goal for the term. We had our changes during this quarter but could only manage 2 goals, both kicked by Nathan – well done. The back six were good again keeping La Trobe to six goals at the half time break. The margin was 26 points. Our effort and intent around ground was very good, but our ball use at times was letting us down once again.

After half time our attack and aggression towards the ball and doing the team things was eminent again, our tackling was strong along with our good ball movement giving us our first goal through Wood Duck. Stogdale was strong down back and Woodsy was being creative as he chipped in and kicked our second for the term. The whole team started to lift and for the third week in a row we had keep a team goalless for a quarter- great work guys, the margin was back to 17 points at the final break with only one rotation left on the bench. The task ahead was going to be tough but we have the cattle on the ground to give it a shake. We had moved the ball well in this term for a reward of only 2.3, so once again we weren’t rewarded for our efforts.

The final term we were in with a real chance but must kick the first goal, we quick ball movement we scored the first goal through Brad Robinson kicking a major from the boundary line, 12 points the diff, another clearance and quick play saw wood duck kick his second and now the margin was just 6 points ……Game on …La Trobe steadied and put players behind the ball making it difficult to score. Also only having one rotation left we were starting to look spent and La Trobe than took control and run the game right out kicking the last 3 goals to run out convincing winners by 29 points.

Boy’s our intensity and aggression over the last three has overall been good and our effort to fight the game out today with only one rotation for the last quarter was a credit to your all. But unfortunately we didn’t get the chocolates today. But if we keep playing with that some attitude and intent than I believe we can beat Point Cook next week. But this will take a team effort as we must play four quarters of good football…

Go Cobras !!!

Uncle Den


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 2.5-17 7.6-48 11.7-73 11.11-77
La Trobe University AFC 2.1-13 4.7-31 4.10-34 10.14-74

Goal Kickers: S. Fitzgerald 2, M. Szabo 2, A. Hummerston 2, J. Coghlan West, N. Szabo, A. Carapetis, J. Lloyde, J. Mreulje
Best Players: T. Lowden, A. Carapetis, R. Walmsley, M. Szabo, J. Blakemore, S. Fitzgerald

On a sunny but windy day down at “the pit” which was a replica of the previous week’s conditions v Swinburne, we squared up with La Trobe Uni in a 5th v 6th clash to keep our finals hopes alive for season 2017. With several of our players sick during the week, Scoot needed a rest, and we were fortunate that Jimmy Wilson & Rohan Walmsley were well enough to take the field as we looked to get our first win against La Trobe since our inception into D3 football.

With the wind slightly behind our backs in the first, our ball movement looked good, as we set up some good users behind the ball and at the stoppages in Carapetis & Wombat to give us clean ball movement upfield and into our F50 so we could score more easily. With Jimmy jumping all over his opponent in the ruck and big Scotty Fitz providing a strong presence up forward alongside Mitchy Szabo and A. Hummerston, we got the jump and were out to a goal advantage by the first break.

With our structures holding up, and our pressure intense, our second quarter into the breeze was clean as our block counts and quarter backs were at a season high which allowed us time to deliver the pill and hold possession which was great to watch. With our mids winning the stoppages again, and our outside players getting into solid spots and being used by the inside players, our 3rd quarter was sensational as we dominated the term to break out to a 40pt advantage at the last break.

Our aim from there was to keep going with our structures and setups, and try to extend the lead and gain as much % as possible, but from there La Trobe lifted big time, as a large chunk of their players began to ran hot as their season hung by a thread. We started to lose possession around the ball, and their players ran in waves from D50 as they swarmed us and reduced the margin back to 3pts with 3 mins left on the clock!!…..but to our credit we never gave up, as some of our experienced heads like Wombat, Fridge, Lowden, Blakemore & Carapetis stepped up in that last few minutes to bottle it up and make sure that we stayed in front when the siren rang.

If we can play a full 4 quarters of Cobra Footy we can beat any side in this comp, but we can only manage 3 quarters at present which is hurting us greatly. With our chances of playing finals still well and truly alive, it is exciting to know that anything is still possible this season, keep training hard lads you are doing us coaches proud with your efforts this season.

Big Tommy Lowden must have taken 20 contested marks “Ghosting” across the packs at CHB and was outstanding for the Corn Cobs, Alex “Felix”Carapetis played his quarterback role to perfection and was super for us on the outside, as was Wombat across half back, who gave us a truckload of clean F50 entries from the back half, Mitchy, Fridge & A.Hummerston played tall and lead well all day kicking 2 each, and smalls Driscoll & Coghlan-West looked dangerous up forward and around the ball with our midfield and backline doing a great job yet again.

Big Danger game v Point Cook out there next Saturday lads, but the big ground will provide a ton of space and aid our ball movement I feel so looking forward to the challenge and getting onto a big deck.  Love Doaky……. Go Cobs!!