Men Rd 17 – UHS-VU



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Uhs-Vu Afc 7.3-45 9.7-61 17.9-111 21.13-139
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 1.2-8 1.3-9 2.4-16

Goal Kickers: J. Price 2
Best Players: D. Gates, S. Hanrahan, J. Price, A. Stals, S. Hawker, A. Panjwani

Round Seventeen against Uhs-Vu at Bren’s Oval, today was going to be a tough ask against the top side with a lot of chances this week and players helping out even though not 100% to ensure we had 22 players on the park.

The first quarter with our backs to the wall our defence was under extreme pressure from the first bounce, Uhs-Vu took early control with good ball movement and running well through the corridor scoring 7 goals in the quarter, Pricey was our only dangerous forward kicking our only goal for the term- 37 points down at the break .Hawker who was filling in for us today also had a good first term on the wing. The second quarter we played better footy and move the ball well into our forward line but didn’t get rewarded for our efforts. Our back line mainly with Hanrahan and Stogdale setting the example held Uhs-Vu to 2 goals for the term- great effort boys-half time 53 points.

The third term with virtually only having one on the bench, Uhs_Vu over powered us and took full control of the game scoring 8 goals to our one point and setting up a massive lead at ¾ time. Our work rate was well below the required level, but our attacked on the ball was quite good at times. But our ability to run to space and create our own opportunities was rare.

The final term we tried hard and manage to score one goal through hard work, Pricey kicked his second for the game through a great 45 meter snap to give us something to celebrate. Well done! Pricey –the margin had blow out to 123 points at the end. Basically playing with only 2 players on the bench for the whole game the scoreboard didn’t really reflect the efforts given by all.

So as you can see we have plenty of work to do, but with players coming back from injury and being available you will definitely see a change to our side for our last game of the year.

Heads up guys and ensure that we all get down to training to work hard during the week and also let’s stick around after our game to support the seniors in their request to make finals this year.

Go Cobras!!!

Uncle Den


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Uhs-Vu Afc 1.2-8 4.4-28 8.6-54 10.10-70
Canterbury Football Club 2.1-13 4.3-27 8.4-52 11.5-71

Goal Kickers: A. Hummerston 5, S. Fitzgerald, G. Driscoll, A. Wheeler, C. Skate, J. Blakemore, R. Walmsley
Best Players: A. Hummerston, T. Lowden, N. Szabo, J. Blakemore, J. Wilson, A. Carapetis

Saturday was a season defining game for Canterbury. We were playing the top team who had barely been troubled all year and were looking to roll into finals with an easy win. However, we believed we were in with a good chance given how close we came to beating them earlier in the season and the encouraging improvements the group had made in the last few weeks.

Informed by the intel we had gathered from our scout Paul ‘Luby’ Luby we developed a game plan with a strong chance of upsetting our highly fancied opponents. The game started at a high intensity with both sides struggling to hit the scoreboard. Our oppponents were unsettled by our ability to shut down their attack from halfback.

The second and third quarters were much of the same with both sides virtually trading goals in what was one of the highest standard games of the season. Strong defensive efforts from Scooter, Sportsbet Hummerston, Goodwin and Carington were making a big impact on the game. Together with the ruck dominance of Jim ‘Caitlin Jenner’ Wilson and our midfielders we had a slight edge leading into the last quarter.

The last quarter was an arm wrestle, with both sides trading momentum. In what appeared to be a crushing blow, UHS scored a goal with minutes left to put themselves in front for the first time all day. After loosing a number of close games this season the impact of this goal could have gone either way. However, to our players credit they forced the ball forward and got the ball in the hands of Andrew ‘The Finnisher’ Hummerston who kicked truly to give us a one point lead. Despite huge pressure our players then managed to drain the clock and record a win for the ages.

The efforts of every single player on Saturday were immense and our coaching group could not be prouder. We now have a chance to storm into finals, but that means beating Richmond in what willl be a hotly contested game on Saturday. We need a massive week on the track and as many snakes to get down on Saturday as possible. Let’s get big numbers to the pit on Saturday and show these so called snakes how unforcomtable a real snake pit can be.