Rd 4 Women – UHS-VU | Rd 5 Men – Manningham



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club 1.1-7 4.1-25 4.1-25 5.1-31
UHS-VU 2.2-14 3.4-22 3.4-22 3.8-26

Goal Kickers: J. Edwards 2, M. Henschke 2, N. Schiller
Best Players: A. Milne, A. Payne, L. Daw, J. Edwards, K. Johnson, L. McMullin

Check out the video report from Head Coach Domma Luc below:




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Manningham Cobras AFC 3.0-18 7.7-49 10.7-67 12.9-81
Canterbury Football Club 2.2-14 2.3-15 3.6-24 4.8-32
Goal Kickers: M. Deane 2, J. Price, T. Wooster
Best Players: A. Martenstyn, B. Lashbrook, T. Wooster, N. Stogdale, T. Murphy, T. Hanrahan
The Duck Diaries IV

After the success from last week, the scoobys were raring to go against Manningham.

The numbers and efforts at training has be exceptional. We were hoping we could translate this to results, which we couldn’t on Saturday.

We started off strong with more scoring shots than our cobra enemies by quarter time. Largely thanks to our on ball brigade and our halfbacks rebounding, providing drive and momentum.

The second unfortunately did not go our way, Canterbury bleeding 6 goals to 0.

With our backs against the wall, we responded well in the second half, starting off the third quarter with repeat entries as well as getting some score on the board. However, Manningham were able to wrestle back the momentum and put us out of the game by three quarter time.

Credit to the lads in the last quarter, they cracked in and ensured we could walk away with a respectable effort.

Shout outs to Marto, Sharpey, Dom, JC and Matty Cameron for their efforts throughout the game.

I must say I am really pleased by everyone’s efforts and enthusiasm. This should hold us in good stead moving forward.

Go Cobras

Sean Woody Woodward



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Manningham Cobras AFC 2.2-14 3.5-23 9.7-61 11.8-74
Canterbury Football Club 0.2-2 4.4-28 5.6-36 8.11-59
Goal Kickers: M. Szabo 3, J. Rowe, J. Tomas, N. Szabo, M. Astbury, S. Murphy
Best Players: S. Murphy, S. Hanrahan, R. Goodwin, M. Szabo, A. Carapetis, H. Berenger

Round 5 against Manningham would see the chance to play for the cobra cup once again. With both sides having a good start to the year it would be a hard fought tussle till the final siren.

Gaining some players back from injury but yet to play our best 22 combination it was a smaller, more fleet of foot Canterbury outfit assembled.

Game style and ball movement over the past weeks has been sporadic at best and it was time to now put all the pieces of the puzzle together and move towards a 5 & 0 start to the year.

With a slight breeze favouring the “fake snakes” in the first it, was clear that we had to take our opportunities when they presented. This wasn’t the case however and chances were squandered early and we were down by 2 goals at the first change.

Canterbury rallied in the second and cleaned up the game to some extent. It was clear how we wanted to play and move on the big ground and managed to kick four goals to one to the scoring end.

After taking a slender margin into half time, and the mood positive amongst the group there seemed to be a feeling that the penny had dropped. The midfield statesmen were controlling most of the play, and with some good run off half back it was giving our forwards some chances at goal. Manningham had other ideas. It what could only be described as a complete turnaround they piled on six goals to one in the third quarter and had us right on the ropes.

Down but not out the boys fought hard in the last. Some near misses and three majors narrowed the margin and we had the run of play. The tale of the day was basic skill errors by foot causing costly turn overs, leading to Manningham goals. We had a sniff but ran out of time and again fit players. 15 points the final margin to Manningham, yet with the same amount of scoring shots. A good learning curve for the group this week in what has already been a tight division three competition.

Rest up, recover and prepare well boys, another big game next Saturday and a chance to bounce back against the bloods.


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