Round 2 | Women – Whitefriars | Men – Hawthorn



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Whitefriars Football Club 4.1-25 4.1-25 4.4-28 5.5-35
Canterbury Football Club 1.2-8 3.7-25 3.7-25 7.10-52
Goals: M. Henschke 6, K. Lucarelli
Best: M. Henschke, M. Spillane, L. Rinaldi, Z. Reape, A. Milne, A. Dyer


Another week on the road, as the women’s squad journeyed out to Donvale to clash with Whitefriars.

Preparing pre game in the visitors change rooms that might be generously described as having the footprint of a medium sized postage stamp certainly added a cozy element to many player’s pre-game rituals!

Outside an 8 goal “breeze” was swirling, with rain coming in sideways for good effect.

Quick off the mark, the CobraW’s went to work, with K. Lucarelli snagging a sausage roll on the run within the first two minutes. But Whitefriars took good advantage of the weather and slotted 4 of their own majors to finish the quarter with a handy 17 point lead.

A gallant second quarter saw the CobraW’s level the scores at half time, with M. Henschke putting two handy goals onto the scoreboard.

Going into the break, the game looked bleak, with Whitefriars looking ominous heading into the third quarter with the strong wind in their favour.

Doubling down defensively in the third proved to be the difference, with Whitefriars only able to manage to kick three points despite many wind assisted forward entries. Defensive efforts across the board were sensational, with E. Pittonet, Z. Reape, T. Hall, E. Hall, E. Harris and M. Yeaman (amongst many others) working tenaciously to absorb Whitefriars relentless attack.

With the wind dying down in the fourth, the CobraW’s had their work cut out for them, but great ruck work by J. Edwards and strong body work around the stoppages by L. Rinaldi, M. Spillane and A. Milne delivered the goods, with M. Henschke slotting four more unanswered goals (to finish with a bag of 6 for the day!) in the final term to help the team storm home with a 17 point win in difficult weather against strong opposition.

Well done to all who played in a gallant and successful team effort.

A warm congratulations is to be extended to the debutantes E. Harris, L. Price. R. Lucarelli, A Milne, K. Lucarelli, S. Watson and J Piccioli.

Dom Lucarelli



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club
2.2-14 2.2-14 2.2-14 2.2-14
1.1-7 2.4-16 2.4-16 4.5-29
Goal Kickers: F. Cunningham 2
Best Players: D. Walden, J. Mreulje, B. Lashbrook, C. Hains, A. Panjwani, A. Martenstyn


The Duck Diaries II

After a fantastic effort last week and terrific numbers on the track, the Canterbury Football Club was ready to take down the Hawthorn Juggernaut.

The toss won by birthday boy and debut skipper Nick ‘Whiz’ Stogdale, the Cobras elected to kick towards the wind assisted playground end. After a quick goal from the Hawks, the leaders stood up and cracked in with Fraser the Amazer getting on the end of a couple giving us a lead at quarter time.

A scrappy second and third terms due to the heavens, scores did not look like moving a lot. Canterbury went in to the halftime break 2 points down and again at three quarter time scores unchanged.

According to our stats man Ash Stals, we were able to lock the ball in our forward half for 70% of the quarter; unfortunately we were unable to convert.

The last quarter started well for the Cobras with multiple strong forward entries, however like the third we were unable to convert. As the game progressed Hawthorn were able to wrestle the momentum and get on the end of a couple which took the margin out to 15 points.

A fantastic effort from everyone involved on Saturday, super proud of everyone’s commitment. Special mentions to Dan Walden for his best afield ruck work as well as the defenders (BJ, Marto, Keif), for setting the standard early.

The standard for effort is set for season 2018… next step conversion!

Go Cobras

Sean Woody Woodward



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Canterbury Football Club
3.3-21 9.5-59 10.7-67 12.8-80
2.7-19 2.7-19 6.11-47 9.14-68
Goal Kickers: S. Murphy 3, J. Rowe 2, M. Astbury 2, T. Lowden 2, M. Szabo 2, G. Driscoll
Best Players: 
R. Walmsley, S. Murphy, M. Astbury, T. Lowden, G. Driscoll, S. Hanrahan


After a great performance last week it was time to turn or focus on defeating the schoolyard bully in Hawthorn. No cobra side ever to taste victory against the hawks it was time to put one in the history books.

With three on other duties and T. Murphy injured there was room now to include some familiar faces back into the senior side. Scooter, R Pearce and big Wheels all brought in and brother of the Ghost Evan Lowden to make his senior debut at “The Pit”. Big Wheels a last minute withdrawal Chain Chain C.Hains was elevated after a good display in the scoobies.

In a tight opening tussle with greasy conditions it was on for young and old and good conversion saw Canterbury with a slender 3 point lead.

Kicking with an advantageous breeze in the second we were starting to assert dominance around the ball. Mids were working hard and a staunch defence enabled us to get the scoreboard ticking over. Great link play and ball control over the ground lead us to a six goal to no score quarter. Clearly our best for the year so far. The Hawks having no match for our pace and quick use of the footy.

Resting up after the half and reinforcing some key messages we knew that the Hawks would come hard. Our systems had broken down somewhat and with the increased Hawks pressure saw a four goal to 1 third term. We were weathering the storm but shear weight of numbers meant goals we coming far too easily for the opposition.

Time to regroup at the break and set about getting the form of the second quarter back, we started well with a much needed early goal. But the Hawks kept on coming and were relentless in attack. Numbers were moved behind the footy to choke their forward line and controlled slow play had to be adopted when we had possession. With fatigue setting in it was now a battle of will to get home. A late goal to Rowie all but snuffed out any chance Hawthorn had worked for, The cobras victors by
twelve points.

A memorable victory to instil belief in the playing group that anything’s possible will hold us in good stead for the rest of the season. Honourable mentions to Murph, Hanners, Batman and “The Ghost” and all players that played roles out of position for the better of the team.

A huge thank you to all past players and supporters that made it down on Saturday. It was uplifting to share in the spoils of victory with some of Canterbury’s legends and stalwarts.